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Life As Food - Page 160 - Make A Special Dinner For Her - By RealZikik - Overview
"How about something special for dinner?" you suggested.
"What do you have in mind?" she asked.
"Me...?" you responded.
"Sounds good." she said.

She grabbed you and led you to the kitchen and instructed you to take off your clothes. You did as she said, as she pulled out a tray and then told you to get yourself on it. After you did, she started putting oils and spices on your body before putting you in her oven. She turned it on and the warmth made you pass out. She pulled you out later and put you on a plate on the table. She then sat in front of you without a shirt, so you could see her red bra and what appeared to be even larger boobs.

She started devouring you feet-first and you slid in easily. She gulps your body pretty quickly and it doesn't take long for your naked body to relax in her belly. Before you know it, your skin starts to itch and burn a bit, but there is very little pain. The best part is you stop feeling anything after sitting in her belly for a few minutes. The walls of her stomach move your body around, making sure it gets coated in her acid which helps break your body down. You enjoy the feeling as you slowly melt away until none of you is left.
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