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Life As Food - Page 378 - You Art Partner Is Here - By RealZikik - Overview
Off in the distance you see a long red-headed girl wearing a purple bikini showing off an impressive chest. You realize it's your partner from art class, Sarah so you run up to her. After the two of you say hi she asks what you're doing at the beach. You tell her you came with your family and that you're looking for someone to eat you. She said she'd be willing to have you so you let her. Sarah's mouth opens wide and you practically dive in. You quickly get down her throat and wiggle your way toward her stomach. She almost chokes due to your eagerness but soon she finds herself comfortable and puts her hands on your sides that are now about to enter her mouth. She gulps the rest of you down and you curl up in her belly. Sarah pats her large stomach as she lets out a belch.

"Thanks for the free meal." said Sarah.
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