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- Page 2 - Talk to Evelyn - By Marpatt - Overview
You kind of want to smooth things out with her, as you'll be seeing her often during the sessions (if you survive the night that is). So you try and talk to her.

You look up, waving your hand, opening your mouth before you're cut off "You really have some fucking guts if you're trying to speak to me, meat." Evelyn says, not even looking away from her screen, but now that you're closer to it, you can vaguely read the conversation.

Evelyn 7:41 PM: So, How do I look?
Photo you can't make out, other then a lot of what appears to be skin.
Patricia 7:42 PM: You actually did it? you ate him?
Evelyn 7:42 PM: thats what you think ;)
Patricia 7:43 PM: Well, spill, where is he?
Evelyn 7:44 PM: I'll need some payment first~ After this stupid game is over of course
Patricia 7:44 PM: I have all night girl.
Evelyn 7:44 PM: Thats what I'm counting on.
Evelyn 9:10 PM: So, what exactly are you planning on bringing tonight? ;)
Patricia: Nothing, other then my "boyfriend", is that alright with you?~
Evelyn: Yeah thats fine with me.
Patricia is typing

Of course, as soon as she looks up from her phone and sees you reading her messages, she shouts "FUCKING PERVERT, WERE YOU READING MY MESSAGES?!" you slowly try and back away but she grabs you by your neck, before trying to calm down a little before saying "There is only ONE PLACE, ONE PLACE, good for you males." Before she pats her belly "Have fun being fat on my ass" Before her mouth opens wide and your vision is suddenly plunged into slimy wet darkness.
Her throat shifting and sliding as your shoulders now enter her maw, your entire face now covered with saliva and spit as you are slowly dragged toward her stomach.
Your knees now completely vanish from the outside world, as your head is dangled above a vat of acid.
With one final *GULP* your feet are the only thing not outside of your predator, as gravity slowly does the rest of the work, you can feel her tracing your feet sliding down her throat.
With a *splash* your face hits the acid, though it doesn't burn as much as it tingles. Slowly more and more of your body enter the slimy, wet, chamber, until finally your feet join you as you curl up into the fetal position.

*BURP* the stomach curls up tightly around you before it starts to slightly shake as she speaks "Oh man, my girlfriend is gonna LOVE the additions you make." As your fate is sealed, being only meat on her bones, but at least her girlfriend might be happy, right?

Goodjob, you managed to find the ONLY vore scene before the d&d game starts, way to go.
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