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- Page 5 - Just wait. - By Marpatt - Overview
You decide to move on and wait for Sally to gather things up.
"Alright everybody! Come to the table!" she enthusiastically shouts. You, Dave, Chloe, Emma, Evelyn, and some unknown guests you don't recognize all get up and walk over towards Sally's shout.

You walk over, pull up a chair and sit down. Little did you know what was about to happen.
"Alright, we have some new people to this year's Dungeons and Digestion setting (seeing as a few are just flab now) But anyways I brought some new friends." She turns and points towards some of the unknown guests you saw "This is Peter, he's playing a Dragonborn Ranger, how creative. This is Emily, she's playing a Halfling Wizard, how fancy! And this is Zoey, she created a Lizardfolk Rogue, interesting, no?" Everyone introduces themselves before returning to the peace and quiet.

"Chloe, you awaken in a bar, still bruised from your last fight, you look down at your gut, still squirming. You let out a *BELCH* before standing up. What do you do?"

"I um, speak to my little friend here *Ahem* Nice fighting, but you lost fair and square, give it up and I might let you live, we could even have some fun later."

Sally replies as this trapped tavern brawler ""You think im fucking done? I can escape your stupid gut you angel whore!" the brawler then begins non-stop kicking and punching, roll a constitution save!" Sally says.

"Uhh, 14!"

Dice clattter behind the dm screen as Sally rolls to see if this brawler can escape.
"Aww, no such luck, 18" Sally says before continuing "The brawler starts viciously trying to escape, and you can't stop yourself from vomiting as you feel him come up. As soon as he does, he gives you this look, he's frightened and yet proud of himself he managed to do that, before coming to his sense's and starts dashing away, what do you do?"

"I try and eat him again!"

"Roll to hit"

"16!" Chloe snaps back

"Success. You manage to jump off the ground and catch his head in your mouth, he squirms and screams as you slowly swallow him down *gulp* *Gulp* *GULP* as he is returned to your stomach, roll acid damage"

"what dice is that?" Chloe asked

"Oh a d100" Sally responded.

"Don't you think thats a little op?" She then turns to you and gives you a wink. Judging by your relation, you think she just wants to make it fair for the boys

"Eh, I guess your right, its a d20 now" Sally says

"10 acid damage, coming up!"

"That does it" Sally continues "You can feel the brawlers attempts grow weaker and weaker, until he stops moving. You hit your gut with a *Whack* but only hear a *gurgle* *churn* in response." She then turns to you

"You enter the tavern, clearly looking for something, until your thought is broken up by noises in one of the upper rooms. *Hup* *Slam* *gulp* *Gulp* *GULP* What do you do?"
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