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- Page 6 - "I check whats going on!" - By Marpatt - Overview
"You rush up the stairs and barge into the room where the noises were coming from, only to see a pale woman lying on the bed, gut exposed. Chloe, Anon, what do you do now?"

Chloe responds first "I look up to see the intruder!" before turning to you with a grin and a giggle
"Its a Halfling with his weapons out, whats your reaction?"

Chloe ponders for a moment before a response comes to mind "Can I try and get up and pin the Halfling against the wall?"

"Uh, Anon, roll a dex save"

You quickly pick up the dice before tossing them into your tray. Your heart skips a beat when you see the number "5..."

"Alright, Chloe you spring up, moving surprisingly fast even with that sloshy gut you currently have, and apparently this is enough to catch the Halfling by suprise, what do you say?"

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my room" Chloe says

You respond, in character of course "I uh, just thought someone might be in trouble and need my help." You're dorky halfling says

"I don't need any help, you're more of use to me as a snack" Chloe says, obviously taking this roleplaying thing to heart

"I didn't mean any trouble!" you say before adding "Can I try and escape her grapple?"

"Uhh, roll Dex or Strength, Chloe roll Strength" Sally says before you and chloe both roll

"19!" Chloe shouts. You almost have a panic attack, as one of the "fun" house rules Sally has is to actually preform all acts of vore.

What did you roll?
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