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- Page 7 - <20 - By Marpatt - Overview
You shakily look down at the roll, and almost want to start running, but you don't and instead say "10" Chloe looks over to you with a grin before Sally speaks up

"Chloe, what do you do to this Halfling?"

"I pull down my pants, and unbirth him!"
Your eyes go wide, you certainly expected to join the brawler resting in the gut of your childhood friend, but instead you may actually survive.

Chloe starts removing her pants and panties, pink with white stripes, before blushing and breaking the lusty gaze she had on you. "Come on Anon, you know the rules" She says.

You get up, and approach her vaginal quarters. As you lower your head, a hand is placed upon the back of your head and your pushed into her, she gives a long and loud *AHHH* "Oh god anon, I need more." Before suddenly you're pushed up faster then before *squelch* *squish* all around you as your up to your legs now

"YESS! OH YESS, OH ANON!" she screams out in pleasure as you continue being engulfed *Squelch* *Squish* your knees now joining you. "FUCK YESSS!!!!!" she screams out as suddenly her muscles begin to quiver and shake, until a stream of cum hits you in the face, your feet now joining you in her womb.

You spend the rest of the night in her womb, occasionally hearing the grandiose adventures happening outside, all the while Chloe roleplays having you in her womb. From time to time you'd hear a *Moan* and some *Squish* as you presume Chloe was doing some lewd acts outside.

Until after a pretty good amount of hours, she starts shifting and shaking, as you think maybe it might've ended. You hear the *Creak* of the door before a *Slam* suddenly afterwards. Chloe then starts speaking "Okay so, d&d is over, I'm in my car now, just to give you an update. Also I have all your stuff so um....Don't worry." She says before speaking again "I can ah.......Give you your phone if you wanna talk to me. If you want it just squirm around, okay?"

Obviously she's a little weird about having her friend in there, but you get the feeling this is what she wanted, to have you inside her.

You then start squirming to get your phone before she pipes up again "Okay okay okay *Ahhh* I get it, I'll give you your phone when I get home, I don't wanna get into an accident!" She says.

You wait unti she stands up again, a shake with each of her steps. She then with a *Plop* lies down, before you hear *shulck* *AHHHH* *shulch* *OHHHH* *squish* *FUCK!* as suddenly your phone is in the womb with you.

You start talking "Is this why you were being so weird earlier, you wanted to unbirth me? you have a crush on me?" You ask her "Well.....Just...Yes, but don't take it the wrong way! we can still be friends if you want, just.....Its weird for me too okay?!" you almost pipe up again, before you decide to sit there in silence, until she adds saying "Look, I....Love you okay? And unless you wanted me to, I'd never digest you........So, do you want out now, or?"

You ponder the choice for a second, you could live a life, one always wondering if the next person you meet is your grave. Or you could become one forever, with someone who genuinely loves you, at least from the sounds of it. One who you trust.

You decide your fate, before saying
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