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- Page 8 - Digest me, I want to be with you - By Marpatt - Overview
"Really? Are you...Sure? I really don't wanna lose a friend on a sudden choice"

You tell her your sure "Alright, I love you Anon, I'll always love you." before she hangs up with a *Shulch* *Ahhhh* *Shulck* *Squish* *Churn* "Ohhh anon. I hope you *AHHH* enjoy your choice" She tells you, as you shit there, arms dripping, melting, the womb flooding with, well, you. you keep melting, no pain, no pleasure, except for her of course. Eventually you succumb to the melting. The last noise you hear is her love, and lust, for you "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ANOn...I....Lo..............." *Gush* *Splat*
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