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Danganronpa Vore Interactive - Page 1 - Danganronpa Vore Interactive - By RealZikik - Overview
1. If you're planning on adding, you must have an understanding of what game that location is from/know the layouts. They're also going under the assumption that you've played whichever game you're going for.
2. Oral vore only.
3. Hard vore is NOT allowed.
4. Scat is okay.
5. Willing prey is preferred but unwilling is also acceptable.
6. The protagonist is the reader. Whatever you identify as is what gender the protagonist is when you read.
7. The protagonist can either be pred or prey.
8. Try to write the characters how they would act in the series.
9. If you have any questions/issues, contact RealZikik

Note: I just wanted to get this setup. At some point, I'll get around to adding character descriptions that will show up when you click on a school or in DR2's case, the island.

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