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Classmeat - Page 65 - I only want to keep you in there" - By Remnant5000 - Overview
"You know, a human body feels awesome when it's inside a womb. And now that I think, my body should recognise yours with like if you were my baby, and you know how big a pregnant's body is" As she says it, her body changes. Her breasts fill with with milk, which makes them grow to an E cup. Her hips grow to child birthing proportions and her ass grows even bigger, which causes it to lose it's perkiness. "Hmm, I love how that felt." She looks at her bigger tits "Althogh I could use bigger breasts." She then looks at her ass. "look, you actually made it bigger, but it's not as perky as before, I don't like it"
"Are you done yet?" You ask her minutes before, when your surrounds start moving like. She has put her clothes on. "Oh fuck, my bra and panties barely fit. Hey sex toy! You are going to stay in my womb for three days, which is the sperm life-span. Now, I'm going shopping, my clothes are too tight even for me." And that's so. She just forgets about you and goes shopping. You hear her speaking alone. "This underwear fits me just right, but I think I'll take this one, just in case someone gets inside me." And then "Oh, I almost forget about it, if he's going to stay in there for three days, I'll have to feed him. I can't have a corpse in my vagina, my boyfriend won't accept it and I neither."
A day passes and you start feeling hungry. "Hey fat ass." "Shhh, I'm in class. What do you want?" "I'm hungry" "Fuck off. Ok I'll get us some food." The teacher asks her "Miss, why are you speaking alone? I hope you are not playing with the cell phone" "No, no, no. I'm not with the cell phone." "Are you talking with the one in your gut?" "Yes I am. Sorry about that." "Well lets see if the one in your belly knows the answer to the next question, you'd know it if you had paid attention. What's the most uncommon way of vore?"
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