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Classmeat - Page 66 - Yes - By Remnant5000 - Overview
Another day of school. Maths, art, literature... It's a pretty boring day, except the Vore Basics, where everyone had to breast vore someone and get breast vored. Everyone had 20 minutes to escape from the pred's tits. If you couldn't escape, your are breast milk and fat. Fortunately for you, you had been only vored 1 time and vored 5 people. It was a good class, but unfortunately no one was turned into milk. That was fun, but...
The next class is Chemistry. You go to the laboratory. every time you have that class, you get jealous of the teacher.She has long, dark hair that reaches her waist. She has bright green eyes. Her lips are full and bright red even if she's not wearing lipstick. She has the best hourglass figure of all the teaching staff. She has wide shoulders, breasts you could say they are at least a F cup, a narrow waist and a totally flat belly,child birthing hips, a firm, muscular ass and long, sculptured legs. She is taller than you, 0,6 feet exactly. "Class, today I'll show you to create some chemicals that will help you in this vore world. This time we'll make the Super Digester. This will help you to digest your prey faster, but only if you eat them orally or anal. This chemical is the easiest I'll show you this year, but be careful. If you mess it up, the effects could be devastating." Someone in the class asks "What side effects could bring a failed chemical?" "Well, if you mess this one, the effects could give you indigestion, the prey could exit your backside alive and aware or you could digest the prey and not gain weight at all or gain too much weight. Well, any more question? No? Ok, let's begin"
You start making the mixture. In some moment, you have doubts about what's the next ingredient: breast milk or saliva.
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