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Classmeat - Page 67 - Use breast milk - By Remnant5000 - Overview
Using savila for a digest boost seems very obvious, right?You deliberate it a lot, but you decide to use the breast milk. The teacher sees you, but she overlooks it. You add the milk to the mixture, that doesn't seem right. The mixture should be white, but, instead, it's dark grey. The class finishes and the teacher checks the chemicals. "The most of them seem right, write your names in the test tubes and I'll give you tomorrow. I've already talk with your Vore Basics teacher and you'll use the chemicals in his class. Don't worry, he'll bring some meals for you.
-The next day-
It's time for Vore Basics and the teacher gives you your mixture. "I've bring here one person for everyone of you to digest" And some boys and girls, totally naked, enter the class. "I see your mouth watering, but I've already decided who will you eat"
Minutes later, the teacher assigns you a girl who could be your lost twin. She's the same heigh as you. Her hair is exactly the same as yours: dark and long. Her complexion is more or less yours, but with bigger breasts. While your boobs are an ample C, hers are at least an F, being as big as the chemistry teacher's ones. You start eating her, and surpisingly she slides in almost as if she wanted to. After two minutes, she's in your stomach. "Well, as you may have observed, the ones you ate were very similar to you. In fact, they were versions of you made by the nurse and I, but made like if you ate yourselves and then use the chemicals you made. Of course, it is an approximation of what you should look like 10 minutes after swallowing the chemical if you had done it right. Some of you made mistakes in the making of the mixture." You are afraid you failed the mixture. The teacher gives everyone the order to ingest the chemical. You swallow it, it doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't taste good at all.
After some minutes, you start feeling your belly softer and shrunken. You see everyone's belly and see that almost every gut is flat, except some bellies from students that failed the mixture. Suddenly, your bra grips your breasts more than it did before. Your belly shrunkens completely and your breasts grow more. You have to take it off, it tightens your boobs too hard, but you can't do it, you are in the middle of a class. Unfortunately for you, your tits have other plans. In a moment, your tits grow so much that your bra and blouse blow up. 30 seconds later, your tits stop growing with everyone watching them. They are huge, they are so big that they sag, reaching your hips. Everyone in the class watches them with lust and hunger. "Stop looking at me or I'll add you to them" You run with tears in your eyes towards the infirmary. When the nurse sees you, she sighs. "So you are the one who used breast milk instead of saliva, huh?" "If you knew it, why nobody told me about it?" "Students have to learn their from mistakes. If you had paid attention, your boobs wouldn't be so big" You blush "Is there any way my boobs could get smaller?" "Don't you like big boobs?" "No, well, not this big" "Let's measure them"
The nurse takes you to the scale and weighs your breasts and each of them weighs 50 pounds. She takes the measurements and determines that they are, at least, a V cup, if that existed. She gives you a concerned look "Well..."
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