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Classmeat - Page 68 - She doesn't need your help - By Remnant5000 - Overview
"I don't need his help, the answer is unbirth." "Well, I think you needed his help, wrong. That's the second most used way. I could give you the answer, but you won't learn. Don't worry, I won't show it to you neither. Go to the detention room." You feel her stand up and go to the detention room. She is mad and you don't want to talk, but she talks at you first "This is all your fault. Do you know what ussually happens in my high school when someone goes to this room? They get digested by some teacher. I hope your happy." "You could eat the teacher" "They would kill me if they notice it" "They won't ever know if you eat the teacher, he could have been eaten by anyone" "Well, you are right, maybe I'll keep you in there longer." "Wait, what?" "I'm joking. In fact, I won't be able to let you out if the teacher eats me"
Minutes later, a teacher enters the room. He's a male, about 5,9 and, by his looks, more than 440 pounds. No one knows how can he walk. He's a human meatball, a big, round piece of meat. "Well, well." Says the teacher with the deepest voice you can think of. "You weren't paying attention to the class, were you? I don't want you to answer. Tell me, the one inside you is in you womb or in your gut" She talks with fear "Womb" The teacher smiles and laughs "Heh, I love the taste of a preggo one"
The teacher jumps towards the girl and she smiles "I love the taste of fat people" SHe opens her mouth so big that, when the teacher lands in it, he immediately reaches her stomach. "Let me out of here, I'm a teacher." You hear his voice above you "No, no, no. See, the one in my womb is hungry, so I am. You don't want a child to starve to death, do you?" " Digest me, come on, the rest of the teachers will hunt you for digest me" "I will eat them too" And with that she goes home.
When she arrives, you beg for her to release you "Please, his weight is crushing me" "I'll lay down in my bed and sleep him off so you won't feel his weight." And with that she driftes to sleep. During all night, you hear him digest and scream. Slowly, your hunger dissapears. When you awake, you've grown up. You are flabbier with more pudge in your belly. You assume you weight 200 pounds or so. She wakes up and you feel her body move all around you. "Fuck, I'm enormous" She is. Her tits are now a J cup and rest on her gut. Her gut stands 3,3 feet in front of her and barely sags. Her hips are even wider than before and her ass is almost to big for her. Her ass has
completely lost his perkiness. Finally her thighs where thicker to match her hips and ass. You are covered now by layers and layers of fat, so you hear a more muffled voice, and so she does. She weighs herself and weights 407 pounds "I'm so fat, what am I going to do?" "If you release me, you'll weight far less" "You're right, but if I let you out, I'll probably get pregnant so..."
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