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Life As Food (Shrunken) - Page 1 - Life As Food (Shrunken) - By RealZikik - Overview
This is a spin-off of the interactive, Life As Food. In this one, take on either the role of Oscar, the youngest child or Kaela, the youngest daughter. No matter who you choose, you will be reading at their own birthday party. Just one problem: whoever you're reading from the perspective of, has shrunk! Who are you? You'll only be able to read from the perspective of two characters.


Forty-something mother of three who looks like she is still in her twenties. She has long brown hair that goes halfway down her back and red eyes.

Her oldest daughter, Abigail has a similar hairstyle, but what’s different is she’s blonde and has green eyes.

The youngest daughter, Kalea has her mother’s eyes but her brown hair only went down to her shoulders.

Her youngest child, Oscar has green eyes and dirty blonde hair, which he doesn't have as much of as his sisters do.

She's a bit taller than Oscar, has light brown hair that goes halfway down her back and green eyes. Daisy also almost always wore glasses. Oscar always thought she was cute, but her never told her that. She's Oscar's best [female] friend.

He and Oscar are close to the same age and often mistaken for brothers with how similar the two of them look. He also green eyes and hair about the same size but Emmett's hair is just brown. He's Oscar's best [male] friend.

Like her brother Emmett, she has green eyes, but she has long brown hair that went almost halfway down her back. She has a pretty attractive body too with a reasonably sized bust. She's older than Emmett by around five years.

Often seen just wearing a black bra and a pair of gym shorts and she has pretty big breasts too. She is a year older than you Oscar is, has red eyes and black hair that goes halfway down her back.

She has blue eyes and long blonde hair. She's usually seen wearing an open white lab coat, so whatever bra she's wearing as usually seen be others.
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