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Steven's Punishment - Page 1 - Steven's Punishment - By thicceater - Overview
Our adorable half-gem hero Steven Quartz Diamond Universe is quite the polite darling. He’s what you might call a ‘goodie two shoes’, at least that’s how Amethyst calls him at times. He’s given many freedoms, many of which no boy his age would have, such as the authority to claim any woman or man as a lover whenever he likes, hence his dozens of wives that were out and about currently. He was a well-mannered boy, a darling child that listened to his mother Rose Quartz always, almost like a slave to her whims. If she’d wanted him to take on the biggest of corrupted gems, he’d do it.

However, on very rare occasions, Steven is tempted by the snake of desire. Like now for example, Rose had left out some truly delicious cookies freshly made from the oven. Her cookies were unlike anything Steven had ever tasted when it came to baked goods, and his mouth watered at the sheer scent of them. Unfortunately, Rose gave him clear instructions NOT to take one before dinner. A growing boy, even a gem one, needed to balance out his diet. But those cookies. Steven was sitting on the couch, legs kicking semi-frantically and mouthwatering. He tried thinking about something else, but his thoughts just returned to those tasty pink cookies.

“One couldn’t hurt could it?”

He said to himself, getting up from the couch. However, he was immediately met with dread. What if his mother caught him? She was out grocery shopping for tonight’s family meal, but she’d been gone a while, so he didn’t know when she’d return. BUT if he was careful, he could just snatch a cookie and gobble it up quickly with little to no evidence of his treachery.
Steven had to make a decision…fast!
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