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Forest Animals' Feast - Page 1 - Forest Animals' Feast - By 44shio - Overview
The animals of the forest have always lived their own lives apart from men. When no man was there to witness it, the animals walked upright and spoke as humans do. Though they were untamed, they had good manners and were kindly to each other. An animal would not harm another unless it were hungry or in danger, and all animals kept this law without the need for a king. But the humans needed a king to keep order for them. Few men knew of the secret lives animals lead but for the king, for he was a wise and good man. To keep these noble beasts from harm he forbade hunting any animal in the King's woods. But all things come at a cost, and in exchange for their safety, the animals would sometimes be asked by the king to carry out certain tasks.

So it happened one day that a ship came to the town's port. The men on the ship cried for the king, who came to hear their plea. The sailor told how after being filled with wheat, the ship had overnighted at a port and one careless sailor had left the boarding plank down. During that night hundreds of rats had scurried into the ship and had eaten all the wheat during the long voyage to the kingdom. The king, knowing that no man can be blamed for the acts of animals, pardoned the sailors but proclaimed that every last rat should be caught alive and put in barrels then delivered to a certain location in the King's woods.

The king knew that the matter of criminal animals should be dealt with by fellow animals and so the king told his messenger ravens to deliver news of the rats' doings and their relocation to every animal in the woods. His order told that any justice the animals felt right should be dealt til no rat be left alive. And for that one day only, no rule of civility should be shown to the rats.

So it was next morning that the sun rose over the marble ruins of an ancient amphitheater in the woods. Animals of every sort came out and went down the sunken steps of the ancient arena to watch the men unloading wooden barrels off a cart. The lids were pried off and the barrels were laid on their sides. Hundreds of well-fed rats of all colors peaked out and saw the much larger animals circling them. Soon the men had driven their horsecart out of sight, the animals - foxes and badgers, wolves and rabbits, deer and possums, bears and skunks and beavers, and all the myriad of animals common to the woods - well, may the reader choose their favorite animal and see what fun it had...

1) Animals are feral but can walk on their hind legs and speak.
2) All fetishes allowed.
3) Medium-to-long chapters preferred.
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