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Forest Animals' Feast - Page 3 - Anal vore - By 44shio - Overview
Her black tail wagged in the air with an enthusiastic rhythm. Beneath it her dainty pink hole was framed in the same black fur that covered her body. Her hole was visible and cast an alluring smell that caught the attention of all the male foxes. One of those - the one feeling most confident - came up and gave her hole a deep sniff. She looked over her shoulder, flattered.

"I want to put a rat in there," she said to him. "Would you help me?"

"An odd way to eat. You reckon a rat would fit?"

"Choose a small one and we'll see." she said.

The boy fox went to the barrel and picked up with his front paws a young white rat from the frightened and cowering group. He thought for a moment and put the rat in his mouth and walked back to the vixen.

"It'll go in...easier if he's...slippery." the red fox spoke carefully, while the rat tried in vain to escape his mouth.

"Make it feel good for all three of us," the vixen said with whimsy and lowered her forequarters to the marble ground while raising her tail tall so that it arched over her back. The red fox walked to her hind and sat. He brought his muzzle up to her rear and nudged her hole with his wet nose, slowly pushing it in and feeling the ring of flesh gently give way to his prodding nose. It smelled pleasant to him, since he was of her species, but the rat squeaked its disgust. "She poops from there! I can't stand the smell! Get away from it!"

The male thought the little rat's protests funny. He nuzzled his snout up and down along the vixen's hole, pushing in just a little deeper each time. His nose was soon inside her with his tongue touching the bottom rim. He pulled his snout out and the hole stayed stretched, closing only slowly from its own elasticity. The male put a paw on each of her thighs and moved his muzzle towards her butt while using his tongue to push the rat out the front of his mouth. The rat's head poked out and it twitched its whiskers as it saw the disgusting place where it was heading. The rodent's nose touched the vixen's pink flesh and then its head and shoulders were thrust inside by the male fox's tongue. The male sat back and looked at the funny sight. The vixen's pink hole gripped around the rat.

"The little pest doesn't like your butt hole," the male said looking at the rat struggling left and right while stuck halfway in the black-furred vixen's hole. She gave an anal squeeze and held it, and the rat went tense, its tail turning frantically.

"Oh, this feels even better than I expected!" she called. She raised herself to her hind legs and stood. "Push it in all the way will you? I feel it slipping."

The red fox put a paw against the rat's butt and puuuushed him in with gentle force. The white rat slipped almost out of view, that pink hole closing around him, until all but its skinny tail remained visible, flapping in every direction and smacking helplessly against the vixen's fur.

"You've got two tails now," the red fox smiled. "How does it feel?"

"I can feel it trying to escape. I assume it's pushing as strongly as it can. Weak little thing. I do love how it feels though." she licked her lips. "It's a curious feeling. I'm familiar with out, but I've never felt something go in there before. It's satisfying that something living, something guilty, is trapped in such a humiliating place."

"Do you want me to push him in deeper?" the red fox suggested. He sat down, his hind legs askew and his penis firm and pink against his white underbelly.

What happens next?
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