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Forest Animals' Feast - Page 5 - Soft vore - By 44shio - Overview
A badger, her fur black and white and her muzzle long, went over to a tipped barrel that no other animal was feasting at. She sat her flat bottom down and looked at her prey. The rats, some black, some grey, others white with red eyes, climbed over each other in a hurry to get to the far end of the barrel. But there were so many of them that it seemed like wasted effort.

"I'm here to eat you pesky rats. Like how you ate the humans' food that didn't belong to you. You won't find it useful to try to run around me and get away. There's a hundred other animals behind me that will do things much worse to you than I have in mind. I plan to swallow you alive until my belly will be filled. Oh! don't feel completely hopeless. Maybe some of you will manage to pass through me alive. Doesn't that sound like at least a little hope?"

The badger opened her mouth and pulled herself deeper into the barrel and took a rat. Its little paws tickled her tongue. She sucked its body in and closed her mouth around it. She heard a squeaking from inside her muzzle and felt a pleasure for so easily conquering her little prey. It was a sense of satisfaction she knew would increase with every morsel.

She swallowed it down and tilted her head up. The other rats froze and watched grimly as a squirming bulge went down her throat and disappeared. She opened her mouth and exhaled in victory. She looked down for her next victim and squinted her eyes in pleasure. A flurry of rats tried to squirm out of the way but she caught another, closing her mouth immediately around it and sent it out of the bright summer day with a swallow.

"Aaah. Now your comrade in my belly has a friend. Who will be next to join him?"

The badger ate and ate, each swallow a pleasure of tiny struggle tickling her throat. She ate five, then that number grew to ten, and then to twenty. Each swallow meant another fear for every rat. She took her little morsels without caring and without choosing. To her each rat was as replaceable as the next, though to each rat its own life was unique and important.

Twenty swallows turned to twenty-five. Her midsection was bulging visibly and the discomfort of fullness was growing. The badger sat up and rested her long-clawed paws on her belly. A little squirming was visible even through her fur, the sight of which sent instinctual pangs of disgust down the rats spines. She massaged her belly up and down teasing the rats stuck inside her digestive chamber. She picked up her bulge and pulled away her paws, letting it drop under its own weight. The chamber of living prey jiggled as it dropped and rebound. She picked up and dropped her belly bulge again and tapped it with her paws, letting the still live rats inside her hear the drumming of her predatory victory. An uncomfortable feeling in her throat was relieved with a long disgusting burp that lessened the pressure within her.

Some rats in the barrel had had enough of the humiliating show and made a run for it, aiming themselves to the left and right of the badger. Some escaped (only to be quickly caught by the animals behind her) but others she swiftly caught. She brought the squirming prey up to her mouth and stuffed them in, two at once. She swallowed down as before, and with some resistance both went down at the same time and joined their kin inside the badger's stomach.

She continued to catch and swallow, her belly growing a little with every addition, until she met her stomach's limit and let the other animals have their turn. All together forty rats where packed into that big stomach. Her belly swayed firmly as she walked past the other animals, showing off her bulge and predatory capability.

"Whoa, look at her stomach!" said one young fox, pointing a paw at her. The badger blushed under her fur.

"Come and feel it." she replied as she sat down against a wall of the ancient amphitheater and let out a big satisfied sigh. The fox came and sat in front of her. The enthusiasm in his young eyes gave away how impressed he was by her stomach.

"Wow, how many did you eat?!" he whispered as he rubbed her belly to her great satisfaction. "It's so big and firm."

"I ate forty rats. Swallowed them all down alive. Feel them still moving?"

"Wow yeah...yeah I can!" the young fox replied and then put an ear to her stomach. "I can hear them squeaking too!" he said and wagged his tail.

What happens next?
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