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Creature Consultant - Page 1 - Creature Consultant - By Telhem - Overview
The general plot of this interactive is that a secretive company has create a creature in an isolated part of the world, and you are hired to help them perfect it for an unknown reason.

Where the story goes from there is up to you. Have fun!

These are just a few guildlines for members wishing to add to this interactive. In terms of topics, anything goes as long as it fits with the storyline already present. Otherwise keep these few things in mind:

•Use proper grammer
•Use proper spelling
•Do NOT kill characters randomly
•Do not leave close ended options for others to work off of
•Do not create links and leave them unfinished
•Limit uncalled for swearing
•There must be a realistic size difference between pred and prey
•The creature or pred has to have been created by humans
•The story should not end unless the reader dies or escapes

On day, you receive a private message on your blog. It’s not anything unusual as you’re a rather well known digital artist and you get fan mail and requests all the time. This one however is not a fan letter or a request, it’s a job offer. It’s from a man who, just like the company he claims to work for, seemingly doesn’t exist. Bankrupt after years of college, you have little choice but to accept the job and its promise of good pay.

Soon you begin having regular communication with the man and although he keep the exact nature of your job and that of the company secret, you manage to peice together that you'll be working as a consultant on a project called "Nomme".

For three days you go though the process of filling out employee registration forms. Many of the questions revolve around your physical fitness and medical history, many of the questions simpily ask: What is your gender? For the ninth time with a sigh you check...
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