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Food For Her Family - Page 1 - Food For Her Family - By RealZikik - Overview
You are a girl named Kara who has long brown hair that goes just past her shoulders and blue eyes. You have a decent-sized chest and ass, which makes you appetizing in the eyes of others. Because of this, you have been put in a life where your family has been having you for their meals over and over again. But you don't mind, for the most part. In your family, you live with your two parents and an older sister.

Your sister, Vera is about as tall as you but her breasts her smaller, she has blue eyes and her blonde hair goes almost halfway down her back. Your mother has brown hair about the same length as your own and she has green eyes. Her breasts are slightly bigger than yours too. Your father is slightly taller than she is, has blue eyes and short brown hair but nothing on his face. No matter what you do, you're probably going to end up as someone's meal, so who's it going to be?
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