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Pursuing Pleasures - Page 3 - Go to your tent - By Stanku - Overview
“Time to enjoy some me-time for change,” you purr to yourself while stretching yourself up. You’ve claimed one of the fallen gnoll lieutenants’ yurts for yourself, figuring it’d be a sin to waste good space, or what for the lack of a better word passes for “good space” around here.

Inside it’s several degrees warmer than outside, the thick pelts of sheep and bear storing the remnant heat from the smouldering fireplace in the middle. It took some cleaning to make the abode habitable after its previous host, but considering what you had to work with you’re quite satisfied with the outcome. At least there’s no blood or entrails around to speak off.

After emptying rest of the vintage wine and loosening the straps of your chainmail you roll on the pile of furs lining the dying fire, as naked as you’ll ever be without a good shave. For a while you simply bask in the glow, slowly shrugging off the tension of the battle that still echoes in your strong, quick limbs. Laying on your back you toss your legs easily over your chest, unfastening your breeches while gathering some extra saliva in your mouth. You’ve done this regularly since you were a teenager who discovered his love for blowjobs.

Upside down your toes touch the floor lightly. The tip of your cock brushes against your black lips, where you keep it until it grows past and straight into your mouth. Bending your pelvis you manage to get about half of the pink shaft inside in one go. The extra saliva your stored in your cheeks comes handy then, lubricating the cock and preventing the gagging. You swing yourself back and forth, the motion accompanied by slurps and sucking sounds. The teeth, though sharp, aren’t a big deal when you know to expect them. The buds of your barbs tickle your cheeks slightly.

Your eyes close and your left paws trails over your slim butt, where you start playing with your taint and furry, yellow balls a bit. Craning your neck brings your nose almost to the root, but at that point the pose gets quite uncomfortable even for you. Your tongue spins sloppy circles around your girth, coaxing the climax with accustomed touch. It’s pretty hard to pleasantly surprise yourself in masturbation, but at least the quality is guaranteed stable.

A deep purr starts somewhere deep within your chest as the climax approaches. Your paws grab your rump and push it down as your dick throbs cum into your mouth, two, three, four decent jets in total. You don’t mind the taste and anyway don’t desire to mess your fur so swallow the load eagerly, sucking the head dry amidst satisfied moaning. Afterwards you stir the fire alive again and curl into a ball by the waking flames, a happy kitten three out of three.
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