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Willing Celebrity Vore/Fart Torture - Page 45 - You want to be placed back into her ass - By MetaLion32 - Overview
You simply apologize, but you want to still live out your personal heaven! Megan looks at you, blushing, she tells you "You know? I never thought i'd be lucky to have someone as adorable and so honest with themselves like you. I am so glad you are mine and mine alone!". As she says this, she starts to quickly change her outfit into her gym outfit (She puts on her Nike Pro 3" Shorts *Tight shorts* and her Nike Sports Bra) and pulls open her back end of her shorts and flashes you a quick smile as she shoves you into her panties and you crawl back in her ass crack again. Again though, she finishes by giving herself a slight wedgie. Thanks to that, you are back in your heaven and get contempt at hearing the waistband snap back to place. She starts to walk into the gym, with every step she takes, her ass massages you. She goes in and starts to...
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