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Adventures in Digestia - Page 1 - Adventures in Digestia - By DatFireAlien - Overview
Welcome to the world of Digestia!

A Simple vore based interactive story with some light character creation, free for anyone to join in with as long as the rules are followed!
Description: "You are a mysterious person without a name or any memories of your past, lost in a land named Digestia, where preds and prey live together in relative peace. In this land, most people simply call you "wanderer" and decide to adopt it as a temporary name..."
1: Any time the main character is addressed directly, use "Wanderer" in place of trying to give them an actual name. (unless you're going for some big reveal about their character, in which you should PM me
beforehand to see if I'm ok with it.)
2: When creating an option that involves fetish content, no matter how tame, you must tag it using bracketed text: eg. "Find a place to relieve yourself... (SCAT)" or "Give them a little shower... (WATERSPORTS)"
This applies to: All Vore Types (soft or hard), Digestion (soft or hard), Sex, Scat, Watersports, Transformation (please specify type of TF), etc...
This is so that when people are reading through, they don't accidentally stumble into content they don't enjoy.
3: Don't try and ret-con any events or lore from earlier parts of the story randomly, if you want to change something from earlier, try and work the change into the plot constructively so that it makes sense.
4: Don't start creating new story threads until after the choose your starting location part, that way it can be mostly coherent in the beginning.
5: Make sure to read the whole story before making any new threads, so that you can understand who or what is around in a given situation, and where they all are in relation to you.
5: Have fun!

In this world, Preds and Prey live in relative harmony with each other, vore is allowed, but only with consent and preferably behind closed doors, with legal unwilling vore reserved for police and military uses.
The main civilizations of the world are populated mostly by humans, though populations of other races are not too uncommon, such as the Kitani, a race of cat like demi-humans, alongside many others.

But enough about the world, what can you tell me about yourself?
Are you a boy or a girl?
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