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Meeting The Super Heroes - Page 1 - Arriving On The Isle - By Doughnutz2000 - Overview
You are a multi-billionaire businessman who has heard of the super heroes holiday to a luxury resort on an isle in Dubai during the peak summer period. Being a man who is filthy rich and having plenty of time on his hands you call your secretary Bethany into your office. A young tall brunette stutters in, hair waving coherently with the slight jiggle of her upper torso, with urgency wearing a black blazer that hugs her shapely form, a few buttons undone to give her sizely breasts room to breathe; a tight black skirt wraps around her thighs showing off most of the secretary's legs and emphasizing her godly ass, concealed by sheen black tights and the overlaying fabric. "Yes sir?" she says, waiting with her notepad and pen in hand ready to take important notes. "Book me a room at the Bohater Resort and do so with haste" you convey to her. She runs off immediately booking you in, to one of the highly luxurious hotel rooms with the en-suite.

The following week you catch your flight and after a rather relaxing time on your private jet you and your secretary land to be greeted with a limo and your personal chauffeur. "Your transport awaits Wilhelm" says Bethany. While Bethany is your secretary you have always regarded her a close friend due to the way she has stuck by you and tended to your every need. Despite this being her job you have always felt she has gone above and beyond as to please your every whim / desire. "Perfect arrangements made as usual Bethany, thank you" You say graciously. You sit in your limo as your chauffeur puts on your favourite song and begins the drive to your destination. Your secretary hands you a list of names prompting you to read through it. She has gotten you a list of the super heroes who have come here and even some deeper information on each one. You wonder which one you will go to see first and give Bethany a satisfied smile.

While driving along you notice a woman in a cloak staring at your car beckoning you to her. Do you proceed to drive to the resort or stop to investigate her strange invitation due to curiosity?
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