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The Hungry Ninja - Page 137 - She can't decide and instead they each take a pillar - By gundamfanx0000 - Overview
"Hmm" Sakura is a deep in thought as she wants to make sure she picks the right person to help her

" Come on Sakura we're wasting time here" ino comments" " don't rush me I want to make sure we're properly prepared you heard lady sushi Marunomi is very strong and very cunning I want to make sure we make little mistakes for this"

"She's right" Temari said agreeing with Sakura " there's only five of us I'll be dangerous enough going in pairs cuz one of us is going to have to take a single Tower alone plus if three of us went for a tower and two of us went for Marunomi or vice versa she could still come after the group of two of us. Even if we can more or less handle her it will be difficult"

The three of them agreed that this was a rather difficult situation till Hinata spoke up

"Why don't we each go after a tower there are five of us after all"

They all look at it he not a slightly Bill there by that suggestion she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable being stared at

"Uh well since there are five... of us and some of us are a... little stronger than the other we could take out all five at once..." she suggests that she hides her face of it in her collar blushing a bit

" Hinata that's an interesting suggestion but then we be leaving ourselves completely unprotected we be completely on our own if we have to face Marunomi"

" I say we do it" Tenten spoke upped they all looked at tenten surprised " she's right some of us could get the job done faster than the other in destroying the towers of senior training with lady Tsunade Sakura" Tenten States as she puts her hand on Hinata supporting her decision " then when you're finished or Enos finished they come immediately to help someone else finish destroying the tower if they're not done yet"

"But what if Marunomi attacks us" Temari ask

" then we drop what we're doing immediately and go help out whoever's being attacked we could signal each other with the fire scroll flare" Tente states without doubt in her voice plus we'll also we bring her to us instead of going to her we just have to be quick and destroying the towers"

Oddly enough the other three kunoichis are warming up to this idea Sakura knows that she's gotten plenty stronger under lady tsunade's teachings plus Temari has a lot of weapons and her friend she could blow up at our easily if she wanted

" all right we'll do it but the exact second something goes wrong each of us goes to help the other no chances use your flare and tell us where you are" Sakura says agree with the plan

Hinata beans a little as they agree with her idea even Tenten Smiles at her glad that she's being a little more open on these missions

With the decision made each quickly and efficiently head to the nearest Tower using their ninja skills to jump to the trees on the air to get there quicker

A woman then walks to where the girls we're standing

" well this definitely complicates things of it" Marunomi says " still this might be a little fun especially if they want me I come to them so badly, but who to go to First" she said with a predatory smile while licking her lips

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