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The Hungry Ninja - Page 204 - Hinata - By Nobodyman - Overview
"Yes, I'd love to try some Byakugan," Marunomi said as she pointed the Behemoth's Tongue at Hinata. She licked her lips and, without another moment's hesitation, fired the Tongue.

The beam rocketed straight towards the Hyuga girl who had just managed to get back on her feet. Hastily, she tried to maneuver out of the path of the beam, but its range was too wide and its movements too unpredictable. Sure enough, the beam met its mark and coiled around Hinata, binding her arms. She cried out as that same strange energy that Ino had felt coursed through her body. In an instant, Hinata too was turned into a small glowing orb.

"Hinata!" Temari cried.

Thinking quickly, the Sand ninja brandished a kunai, imbuing it with her own chakra, and leapt towards the beam that still held the transformed Hinata. She swiped at the beam, but all too late as the beam retreated, taking Hinata along; with kunai struck nothing but air. Temari could only watch as the Hinata orb completed is brief quest back towards Marunomi.

Just like before, the beam released the orb and the rogue ninja opened her mouth ready to catch the temporarily free Hinata. Marunomi snapped her mouth shut as it landed inside and then, with one big gulp, swallowed Hinata whole.

Dismayed, Temari watched as Hinata completed her journey down the rogue ninja's throat, causing Marunomi's belly to expand even more. Content, Marunomi exhaled and began to caress her even rounder middle, now jutted out to a sizeable potbelly.

"I was right," Marunomi said. "Delicious." She quickly turned her attention to Temari. "Well then, guess it's just you and me now."

Temari was becoming quite distraught. As Marunomi said, she now stood alone against the rogue ninja who had a commanding advantage over her. But she would have to keep her cool. Right now, it wasn't really a matter of if she could defeat Marunomi or even claim the Behemoth's Tongue; right now, she just had to survive. She only hoped she could hold out till Tenten and Sakura returned.

Preparing herself, Temari assumed an offensive stance and Marunomi did the same. "So how about it?" said Marunomi. Suddenly, the veins on the sides of her head began to bulge. Her eyes turned pale white. "Why don't we give this Byakugan a whirl?"
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