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The Hungry Ninja - Page 205 - Check in on the Village - By Nobodyman - Overview
Chaos had ensued within the village. People were cowering, running in the streets, and many had run to the edge of the barrier trying to break it down. They slammed hammers, swords, and spears against the dome, but to no avail. The town’s ninjas had even joined the effort, trying to break down or dispel the shield with whatever jutsu they had, but still it wouldn’t give an inch. Finally, Lady Sushi herself entered the village square. She formed a hand seal and her body began to resonate with chakra.

Faithfully by her side, her assistant Mochi watched in awe, simply uttering, “M’lady…”

Lady Sushi’s body flared up in a powerful aura of chakra that she seemed to be ready to release in one large blast. But, suddenly, she let out a grunt of pain and the aura around her dissipated. She fell to the ground, completely spent.

“No! Lady Sushi!” Mochi cried.

It was pathetic. Disgraceful, Lady Sushi thought to herself. How could she have allowed herself to get into such a state when her village was in danger? If she hadn’t gorged herself like she did, she would have been able to unleash that chakra easily. She probably could have at least made a hole in the shield allowing some of her people to escape. But instead she lied there, helpless. Only the Leaf and Sand ninjas could save them now.


Hinata and Ino had each destroyed one of the three pillars and were well on their way to their second. As they traveled around the dome, they witnessed the calamity going on within. Out of concern, Hinata activated her Byakugan to get a better look at the villagers. Practically all of them were running around in a panic, but she also noticed several strange spheres that seemed to be floating in the air. Suddenly, she saw one of the villagers change into one of the spheres and she realized that it was Marunomi’s jutsu at work. They had been condensed into pure chakra. She felt ill, but pressed onwards, knowing she had to destroy the pillars. At the very least, hopefully she and Ino could at least save some of them.
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