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The Hungry Ninja - Page 208 - Marunomi Breaks Free - By Nobodyman - Overview
Seeing that the pink-haired ninja was heading straight for the Behemoth's Tongue, Marunomi knew she intended to either remove or destroy it. In either case, she could not allow that to happen. Unfortunately, the Sand ninja had her in a pretty tight grip. Focusing her mind, Marunomi concentrated on the maneuver she would have to make to break free. Then, in one quick fluid motion, Marunomi used the full extent of her elastic body to slip out from Marunomi's fan. Sakura swiped her kunai forward, but it met only empty air as Marunomi moved the Behemoth's Tongue out of the way just in time.

With her newly-regained freedom and with the element of surprise on her side, Marunomi set to work on incapacitating the two girls. First, she delivered a swift and powerful quick to Temari's abdomen, sending her flying and knocking her fan out of her hands. She then performed a powerful side swipe that struck Sakura, sending her flying in the opposite direction. The two girls collapsed on the ground, doubled over in pain. Marunomi breathed a sigh of relief, having nearly avoided losing her Behemoth's Tongue.

"Phew, that was a close one," she said. "I may actually have to start taking you girls seriously."

As if on cue, the Behemoth's Tongue began to hum and glow once again as it became full with energy. And that meant Marunomi was about to become full with ninja.

"Well, no matter," she said. "It's time to feed."

Marunomi prepared to fire the Behemoth's Tongue again, and this time, with both girls on the ground and Temari's fan sitting harmlessly at her feet, she was quite sure she would not be interrupted.

Her eyes turned to Sakura. Having been deprived of the pink-haired ninja last time, she naturally reclaim her meal. Plus, that powerful punch of hers was proving to be quite a nuisance, and she still did look quite appetizing.

"Now where were we?" Marunomi said as she pointed the Behemoth Tongue at Sakura. "Ah yes, I do believe you were about to take a nice quick trip to my stomach!"

Still reeling from pain, Sakura couldn't even get on her feet as Marunomi fired the Tongue and the beam came straight at her once again. There was no chance at all of her dodging out of the way.

*What happens next?
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