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The Hungry Ninja - Page 226 - Marunomi Discovers Hinata - By BlueMarvel611 - Overview
Hinata heard Marunomi's voice speaking out to her direction, "AH HA! There you are! YAH!"

Before she could have time to ponder what was happening, Hinata felt the power of Marunomi's chakra energy wave fire at her direction. She did not even have time to dodge as the wave hit and pushed her down towards the ground. The collision caused the Hyuga's body to ache with pain as she lay there.

The Hyuga girl laid there right up until she saw the tall domineering form of Marunomi approaching her. The cannibal ninja's huge swollen belly towering above her like an ominous shadow ready to consume her whole. All that she could do was just lay there as Marunomi's form towered over her.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dropped in." Hinata then felt Marunomi press her gigantic gut onto her, pinning her firmly to the ground as her taunts continued. "I've found me a little treat. All tenderized and pounded ready for me to eat."

Hinata moaned out loud as she tried to will her body to move only to manage a bit of a wiggle. She could feel Marunomi's enormous stomach literally weighing heavily upon her form as she was trappd with no way to escape.

"Aw nothing to say to your captor? Pity really as I so love to hear what my meals got to say before swallowing them down."

Then without warning Hinata heard a long and guttural churning noise erupted from within her captor's big stomach. She could feel the cannibalistic ninja's stomach jiggle and move with its stomach acids and juices jostling about. Hinata looked up to see Marunomi give her an evil smirk as her captor placed her hands around her engorged belly and moaned in pleasure and delight. Marunomi is absolutely ravenous.

"Oooh, did you hear that little girl? That's my final stomach. It's still empty and waiting to be fed...and it wants you. Well, no more waiting, time for me to have my dessert!"

Hinata could only watched helplessly as she saw her captor's long pink tongue appearing and slithering down to her direction. She could only moan as she felt the pink appendage wrap itself around her. The Hyuga girl could hear Marunomi moan in delight at the action.

" taste good. I'm so glad that I saved you last little girl. Now say goodbye to your last sunrise for you're going to be in your new stomach."

Hinata could only stay there helplessly as she felt her entire body being pulled up from underneath her captor's stomach and being pulled up from the ground and up towards Marunomi's drooling hungry maw. In her thoughts, Hinata was both frightened yet still determined to try to rescue not just herself but her friends as well.

I can't just let this happen. Can I? Perhaps...

**What Happens next?
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