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The Hungry Ninja - Page 28 - Salvage It - By Nobodyman - Overview
“Remember guys…” Temari said. “…our mission is to defeat Marunomi and return the artifact if at all possible. Make sure not to damage it.”

Ino and Tenten nodded affirmatively. The group stood across from Marunomi who donned a confident smile.

“Well, girls…” she said. “…are you ready?”

Not knowing what to expect, the trio of kunoichi took the direct approach and attacked her head on. Ino and Tenten fired a flurry of kunai at her, which she swiftly dodged. Meanwhile, Temari opened up her fan and blew a gust of wind at Marunomi that sent her flying back a few feet, but she appeared unfazed. Seeing an opening, Ino snuck up behind Marunomi and delivered a swift kick to the side of her abdomen. However, a remarkable thing happened. As the kick hit Marunomi’s side, it indented her body, but then her body seemed to push Ino back. It was as if Ino had kicked a large piece of rubber. The recoil sent her flying backwards, and she landed on the ground several feet away.

“Wh…what the hell?” Ino said.

Marunomi chuckled. “Did that surprise you?” she said. “It’s a jutsu I’ve spent quite a bit of time on. I can change the density and elasticity of my body, giving it a rubbery consistency. No matter what part of my body you attack, I can absorb the shock of anything you throw at me and bounce it right back.”

Temari, Ino, and Tenten were all visibly frustrated. The battle had just gotten a lot more difficult. Not to mention a lot more dangerous.

“Looks like you three will have to step up your game if you want any chance of winning,” Marunomi said. “Not that you do have a chance.”

"Alright girls," Temari said to her team. "Let's all attack her at once and maybe we can overwhelm her. And try to avoid physically attacking her." Ino and Tenten nodded and they began their attack.

Once again, Temari waved her fan at Marunomi, unleashing a powerful gust. This time with winds so fierce they were as sharp as knives. Marunomi was knocked away a few feet, but, again she did not seem to take any damage.

Ino then assaulted her with a highly pressurized water jutsu. However, as they stream of water approached her, Marunomi simply opened her mouth wide and swallowed the water, much to Ino's shock. Marunomi's belly expanded as the water filled it and soon she had swallowed the whole attack. She then bent over and, while pushing against her enlarged middle, fired the water back at Ino in an even more pressurized shot. The stream hit Ino dead on, knocking her down and greatly damaging her.

Once Marunomi released all the water, making her stomach flat again, leapt in the air towards her. She opened two scrolls and unleashed a large array of assorted weapons. Believing that sharp weapons may be able to pierce her rubbery skin, Tenten attacked her with kunais, daggers, scythes, swords, and any other pointed weapons she had at her disposal. Unfortunately, as soon as the weapons made contact with Marunomi, they simply bounced right back off her, failing to draw even a drop of blood. Eventually, Marunomi pushed her body outwards and flung the weapons back towards Tenten. Several of the weapons made contact, cutting and injuring Tenten, causing her to fall to the ground.

Just as she finished, Temari sneaked up behind Marunomi to attack, but the rogue ninja caught her just in time to deliver a powerful blow to the side of her stomach. Temari fell down, the wind knocked out of her, leaving all three of the kunoichi collapsed and weakened.

"Silly little girls," Marunomi said. "I told you I can changed the elasticity AND density of my body. I can be as flexible as rubber or hard as steel. Whatever you attack me with I can bounce right back at you."

Suddenly, the Behemoth’s Tongue on Marunomi’s arm made a humming sound and began to glow yellow.

"Well then," Marunomi said. "I've worked up an appetite. I think it's time to eat."

Marunomi raised her arm and pointed the Behemoth's Tongue at...
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