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The Hungry Ninja - Page 30 - Ino - By Nobodyman - Overview
"Yes, she'll do nicely," Marunomi said, pointing the Behemoth's Tongue at Ino who was still struggling to get to her feet.

Suddenly, a yellow beam erupted from the gauntlet and flew straight towards Ino. Seeing the beam coming towards her, Ino forced herself back up, but it was too late as, once she was back on her feet, the beam made contact. The beam curved and wrapped itself around Ino several times, almost as if it were a frog's tongue. Ino cried out as the energy of the beam overtook her and her body began to glow.

"INO!" cried Temari and Tenten, still too weakened to intervene. They could only watch as their squad mate went through a strange transformation.

Before their eyes, Ino's body was instantly compacted into a glowing ball, the size of a small melon. With the Ino orb still wrapped up by the glowing beam, Marunomi yanked on the Behemoth's Tongue and reeled it in. Marunomi caught the orb in her hand and held it up, eyeing it fondly.

Temari and Tenten looked on in shock.

"Wh...What have you done to Ino?" said Temari.

Marunomi chuckled. "Like I said, the Behemoth's Tongue turns any living being into pure chakra," she said. "And your friend is quite an impressive size. She had a good amount of chakra in her. She'll make a wonderful meal."

"No! You can't!" cried Tenten.

Ignoring her, Marunomi opened her mouth impossibly wide and placed the orb inside of it. In one quick motion, she gulped the orb down, sending it down her throat and into her stomach. Her belly swelled outwards, making her appear a few months pregnant. She tenderly rubbed the curve of her expanded middle and let out a soft burp.

"You...You killed her!" Tenten yelled.

Marunomi giggled. "Oh, relax," she said. "Your friend is still alive. Even as a chakra orb, her consciousness still exists, and the transformation wears off after a while." She laughed again and looked down at her belly. "But she won't get that chance as she will die once I digest her." She looked back up at Temari and Tenten who were finally back on their feet. "But enough about her, why don't the three of us have a bit more fun?"

Temari and Tenten leapt to each other's side, and, still somewhat weakened, eyed the smug rogue ninja that they hadn't even managed to put a dent in. And now they were down one team member.

"How can we possibly beat her?" Tenten asked. "That rubbery skin of her makes her practically invincible."

Internally, Temari agreed that the situation looked pretty bleak, but as team leader she had to remain confident and reassuring to her remaining squad mate.

"Let's not worry about that now," Temari said. "Let's take it one step at a time. For now, we need to do something about the Behemoth's Tongue."

As Temari eyed the gauntlet on Marunomi's arm, she wondered if indeed it may need to be a necessary sacrifice.
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