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The Hungry Ninja - Page 31 - Destroy the Behemoth's Tongue - By Nobodyman - Overview
"We need to destroy it," Temari said. "We can't afford to let her get another one of us. And it will be simpler to destroy it rather then take it from her."

"Got it," Tenten replied. "But how are we going to do that?"

Temari thought for a moment and then replied, "I think I have an idea."

As Temari and Tenten whispered to each other, Marunomi, unable to hear them, began to grow restless.

"Alright, you two have plotted enough," she said. "It's time for action. I want a little exercise before dinner."

Marunomi sprinted towards them, ready to deliver a powerful blow. Fortunately, Temari and Tenten both managed to avoid it. Marunomi then turned towards Tenten and lunged to attack her. Quickly, Tenten summoned a scythe and defended herself from Marunomi's assault. The gluttonous ninja continued with a series of punches and Tenten, in turn, swiped at her several times with her scythe. Finally, seeing an opening, Tenten reeled back and delivered a furious swipe to the side of Marunomi's abdomen. However, even at full force, the scythe made only smallest indent on her skin.

"Impossible," Tenten said.

Marunomi chuckled. "Try as hard as you can. Nothing can penetrate my skin," she said.

Taking advantage of Tenten's momentary shock, Marunomi delivered a powerful punch to her stomach, sending her flying. Marunomi then turned to look for Temari, but, as she said, she saw the sand ninja ascending above her. With her giant fan pulled back behind her, Temari swung it forward and unleashed a devastating burst of wind straight down at Marunomi.

Too late to evade, Marunomi raised her arms and braced herself for the oncoming storm. Though it did not damage her body, the force of the wind was so strong that it left her effectively immobile, only able to stand and resist.

"NOW TENTEN!" Temari cried.

Looking to the side, Marunomi immediately saw Tenten coming straight at her with a large mace-like weapon. It was clear that she was going for the Behemoth's Tongue, which had been left completely exposed and vulnerable.
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