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The Hungry Ninja - Page 32 - Tenten Destroys It - By Nobodyman - Overview
Unable to move as the torrential winds bore down on her, Marunomi could only watch Tenten swiped her mace down and connected, shattering the Behemoth's Tongue into pieces. Marunomi's eyes went wide with rage as she saw the key to her dream literally crumble before her. She tensed her muscles and then screamed, letting out a wave of chakra canceled out the wind jutsu and sent Temari and Tenten flying.

Disoriented, but not injured, Temari and Tenten got themselves back on their feet and gazed at the disheveled Marunomi, who stood slightly hunched over as she tried to catch her breath. The two then looked at each other. Temari permitted herself a smile and called out to her squad mate.

"Good job, Tenten!"

Tenten gave a sweet relieved small in return.

Marunomi, meanwhile, stared despondently at the broken pieces of the Behemoth Tongue.

"To would actually destroy...the Food Village's most sacred treasure," she said.

Taking one last deep breath, Marunomi stood herself back upright and calmed herself.

"Pfft, you fools. I can always rebuild it. I've spent my entire life studying its inner workings. It will take some time, but all you've managed to do is delay my plans a bit. Now, that said..."

Marunomi turned herself towards Tenten and looked directly at her.

"You," Marunomi said, pointing at the leaf ninja. "You had the audicity to destroy my precious Behemoth's Tongue. And you've thrown a serious wrench into my plans. And, for that, I will eat you whole."

Temari and Tenten were both taken aback, not quite sure what they just heard.

"Wh...what?" Tenten said.

Suddenly, Marunomi's cheeks puffed out and a large slimy appendage flew out of her mouth. The appendage coiled around Tenten, binding her arms to her torso. The leaf ninja looked at it and saw that it was Marunomi's tongue, which had extended like a frog's. As soon as she had registered the fact, Tenten was yanked off her feet and pulled straight towards Marunomi, whose mouth opened incredibly wide. In an instant, her head landed inside and was engulfed by Marunomi's cavernous maw.

"TENTEN!" Temari cried out.

Marunomi swallowed, sending Tenten down her throat and on the pathway to her digestive tract. She grabbed Tenten's body and fed more of the girl into her, swallowing her shoulders, torso, hips, and finally her legs. As Tenten's body began to fill her stomach, Marunomi's belly steadily expanded outwards. Finally, the rogue ninja tilted her head back, allowing the last of Tenten to slide down her throat, sealing the leaf ninja inside of her.

Marunomi's stomach rumbled and gurgled as it shifted about to make room for its sizeable meal. Marunomi placed her hands on her now massively rotund belly, feeling the churning of her stomach and the movements of the leaf ninja within. She began to stroke the bloated sphere, embracing the feeling of fullness.

Temari, meanwhile, could only watch in horror as she tried to process the sight of seeing her second squad mate being devoured. At first it had seemed impossible to her, but considering the aforementioned elasticity of Marunomi's body and the sheer physical evidence before her, it was clearly very possible.

"Mmmmm..." Marunomi moaned. "...Your friend was quite a treat. I may not get as much chakra from it, but swallowing my prey whole is so much more filling. And tasty."

Temari was at a loss. She had been so nervous about this mission and now it seemed her worst fears had come to pass. Under her guidance, two of her team mates had been eaten by the rogue ninja before her and now she had no idea how to defeat her or how to save them. Her only hope now was that she could hold out long enough for Sakura and Hinata to rejoin her.
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