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The Hungry Ninja - Page 33 - Check on the Village - By Nobodyman - Overview
It was sheer pandemonium inside the village. People scattered and screamed and cowered and banged futilely against the dome that had entrapped them. Even Lady Sushi had attempted to used her most powerful jutsu to break through the dome, but to no avail. And, at this point, almost half the population had been transformed into glowing chakra spheres.

Meanwhile, only two pillars remained supporting the dome and Sakura and Hinata races as fast as they could towards them. Soon, Hinata arrived at her final pillar and, in one swift swipe from her Twin Lion Fist attack, destroyed it. Hinata sighed with relief as she stopped to catch her breath.

Sakura, meanwhile, had her final pillar in sight. She reeled back her fist to deliver one final destructive punch, and...
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