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The Hungry Ninja - Page 64 - Ino Succeeds - By Nobodyman - Overview
It was absolute agony. Ino’s mind was swimming in a wave of disorienting rage, just barely hanging on to her grip on Marunomi. She inched even more slowly than before to the second buckle. Her hand stopped right next to it and, using only her fingers, tried to unhook the latch. She couldn’t handle it for much longer. Every second was pain. Marunomi’s consciousness was crushing her with an indescribable feeling of dominating terror. But, in spite of that, Ino managed to persevere and undo the latch. And then, in her last show of strength, Ino flung the Behemoth's Tongue away from Marunomi and towards Temari.

Finally able to move again, Temari rushed towards Marunomi and caught the Behemoth's Tongue. Quickly, she opened a satchel wrapped around her waist and placed the device inside.

"Alright, Ino! You did it!" Temari cried.

But as she looked back to Marunomi, she saw that the body of the rogue ninja was completely still. Ino's consciousness had already been forced out. Slowly, Marunomi began to regain control and she rose back to her feet.

"Hmph, impudent girl, invading my body," she said.

"We have the Behemoth's Tongue," Temari said to the rogue ninja. "This is your last chance. Release our friend and turn yourself over."

Marunomi looked over towards Ino's collapsed body, which began to fidget and stir. Ino's mind had just returned to her body, but it was still readjusting and Ino was feeling quite woozy. Slowly, she steadied herself as she tried to get back on her feet.

Marunomi smirked. "Hmm, I have a much better idea," she said.

*What does Marunomi do next?
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