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I Am A Product - Page 1 - Introduction - By Telhem - Overview
You [the reader] are not the main character in this story. In fact, you are not a character at all. You are a mass produced product that can be bought and sold on the open market. What exactly you are is up to the writers to decide. This gives the story several unique opportunities but also some strange guidelines. The big opportunity is that you are disposable. Your owner can do anything they want to with you and if you break they can always buy a new you – assuming you were a good product. However, that’s also the draw back. You’re a product. So unless you are designed to make your own choices you must follow all instructions given to you. Otherwise your owner might throw you out as trash.

As you are not the main character you loose the element of control you have in most interactive stories. It also means that when your owner [who is the main character] leaves you alone you effetely cease to exist. It sounds odd to think like that in a story about you but after the first few chapters it should make more sense.

There is only one rule: No random plot twists or silly developments unless they can be explained or justified.

Now that all that is stated. Who buys you?
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