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Staying Overnight - Page 1 - Staying Overnight - By Quirhem - Overview
You are traveling through the Land of Shining Flowers with your centauress-friend Emily. After having a dinner, you have been riding all the day. It's getting dark now, and you decide to stay somewhere overnight, to continue your journey the next day. You see the house of your friend Ariadne. You dismount Emily, knock the door and Ariadne gladly meets you:
"Hi, Ariadne!"
"Hi, my dear friends! How do you do?"
"We're fine, thank you. And you?"
"I'm fine too. Where are you going?"
"We are going to the town of Quaelliss, but we're tired and want to have a rest. Can we stay overnight with you?"
"Yes, you can".
Ariadne lets you in, and you both have a supper with Ariadne, Iris and Aya. After that you have a rest.

Ariadne is a dark-blue skinned elven young woman. She wears a purple tank-top with yellow flower print on it.

Iris is a 1.5'-tall pink slime girl. She is partially transparent.

Aya is a 4.5'-tall anthro cow girl. She looks like very tall human being, but has horns, a tail and huge breasts. She is almost naked, as she only wears her pants.
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