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Krystal on Vore Planet - Page 1 - Landing - By Tyamet2000 - Overview
Krystal woke up, groaning as she held her head. Behind her, her Arwing was in ruins. Luckily, her escape pod managed to launch second before impact. Clearing her head, she got up and dusted off her black and purple colored jumpsuit, and looked around.

She was in a clearing, a tiny creek flowing through the center of it. The grass was an unnatural blue color, and felt dry. The sky above her was various tints of red. She could see mountains in the distance, a thick jungle blocking the way to them.

"Well...I guess it's decision time. I could wait here with my ship until Fox and the others arrive...or I could start exploring this alien world for signs of intelligent life." Krystal sighed as she talked to herself, leaning against the side of a boulder.
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