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Unique Marriage - Page 15 - Back on the shaft - By Lollllol - Overview
Al immediately places your sissy butt on the cock you were removed from during your makeover. You notice more of an erection he had, as well as the increased hormones that come from it. Seems like your transformation into a sissy has him going crazy with arousal. Your arousal was also heightened due to the change of your body, and being on his shaft again.
"Um master." You immediately get your hands around your mouth, because you have noticed a voice change, like you sound a little bit...feminine.
"Oh yeah, yes Kylie?"
"How long will I be your slave?"
"For as however long I want. Besides, sissies have their age removed so they are around forever like us macros."
He begins to leave after he paid Jen for his services. Thinking about being his sissy slave on his shaft may not be so bad. The heartbeat, the musk, and that fact that a hunk of a man owns your ass. The movement drives your cock to stiffen even further, as you involuntarily hump the giant horse cock. Suddenly Al...
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