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Mother Vore Story - Page 3 - Coming home from school - By Atinik - Overview
It was a quite stressful schoolday so you were glad when you reach your home. You open the door and enter.
"Moooomm?! I'm hooomme!!" No response.
You took off your schoolbag and jacket before you go into the kitchen and look what your Mother made for you. In a pot cooks a nice looking soup.
You smile. "MOOOM?!?" You shout again. You hear the voice of your Mother out of your room "yeah I'm coming sweety". You start eating when she finally comes down the stairs.
"How was school sweatheart?" She asked. She sounds distracted.
You are confused by that. Askingly looking in her face you say "it was fine...". She looks at you strangely
"You looked porn videos on my laptop didn't you?"

You were not prepared for that. Stambaling "wha- no I-I haven't!"
"I will talk to you later. Now eat up and do your homework" with that she goes upstairs. You notice how hot your face got. Not paing attention to the taste anymore you eat up and go in your room. The laptop is still on your desk. You open it and saw the browser history.
"Fuck I forgot to delete it..." You imagin how your Mother will come into your room at any moment, yelling at you. Already hearing her voice in your head
"what are these videos? Do you dare to ever watch this weird shit again! I will not allow you to use my laptop anymore!" You sink in your bed with the hands on your face and left with a bad feeling.

Some hours later you hear a knock on your door. That was strange. Your Mother never knocks on your door. You stay quiet until she knocks again. "come in" you mutter.
"Hey sweety." She points at your bed "can I sit down?" There was a free chair but she wants to sit down next to you on the bad.
You know that this is a sign for an upcoming awkward talk. You nod and your mother sits down. She is very close to you and you notice how young she still looks.
Your head reaches to her shoulder.
"Honey I know you are in the age where boys are interested in woman's. But to be into gettin swollowed is a bit... Strange" she said carefully. You say nothing.
"Since when are you interested in that fantasy?" She asks after a while.
"I think since I'm a kid." You say quietly. Your head is red and you cant look into your mothers eyes. She puts her hand on your leg. Its warm. You look up.
"Baby... Its not wrong to have these fantasies. You are still my son and I love you." You don't know why but the feeling on your leg is getting more intensive and its getting closer to your manhood. "I really do" she whispers in your ear.

"If you want to make your desires come true then come into my room at 8pm" she sais with an strange smile on her face.
"Now I have to do some things for work so I need the laptop. Dont forget to do your homework." she sais like she forgot the whole talk you just had.
She takes the laptop, kisses you and leaves.

Its 7:59pm and you still lay on your bed. You had some time to recall what happened. But you are still not sure if you really understood your moms last words right.
You stand up and leave your room. Outside you struggle with your thoughts.
What did she meant by that?
Should you go and find it out?
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