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Mother Vore Story - Page 53 - Masturbate - By Atinik - Overview
This is just too hot. You grab your erected penis and start stroking as you continue thinking about the senario.
After your had would have been swollowed, you would feel, how the rest of your body follows. It would be stuffed and wet. You would not see it, but you would feel it: The presence of the looming hole below which craves for you.

As you masturbate, you fail to notice yout mother behind you. "Are you thinking about me?" She giggles. You turn around quickly. How did she comr in here? Then it hit you: You haven´t locked up the room!
Well it doesn´t matter now. All that matters now is how you can explain this.
But as you stare down at yourself and see that your dick is still erected, you realize that you cannot explain this.

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