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Mother Vore Story - Page 54 - Say the truth - By Atinik - Overview
"Yahh I thought about you..." you say sheepishly after a moment.

"Well... good for you then that I´m here now, right sweety?" your mother sais.
She suddenly grabs your dick and starts to stroke it. You moan. Her firm grip feels just right. She kneels down and looks you into your eyes as she continues. With her free hand, she wipes her hair out of her face and puts it behind her ear. Then she starts to sucks your cock.
"Oh yeah..." you moan as you splurt your cum into her mouth. She moans as well. She opens her mouth and shows you your cum on her tounge and on her lips. She then closes her mouth and swallows it.
"I swollowed a part of you!" she teased. "And I will digest it..."
You look at her without saing a word.

"I think it arrived in my stomach. Where you will be soon as well!"
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