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Mother Vore Story - Page 92 - Oral - By Atinik - Overview
You look at her for a while. Her hand strokes your face. "Say it."
"I want you to eat me." You say. "I want to be in your stomach". A naughty smile grows across her face, her hand softly rubs her slim belly. "I want that as well..." Blood shoots into your face. She´s so beautiful. "There will be no going back. You know this, right? Once you are in here I will digest you." Blood runs into your dick. "Yes I know."
"That´s what I thought! It´s exactly what you want." She leans towards you, her breasts jiggle.
"Alright then, shall we?" Her gaze is intense. A shiver runs down your spine but you nod and go a step forward. Her smile widens before she opens her mouth and streches out her tounge.
Another step closer, you are now embraced by her. Her big tits are right infront of your eyes. Her leg wraps around you and pushes you deep into her. Your face buried between her breasts.
Then you feel her warm breath on your head and her lips wrapping around it. Pretty quickly, her lips arrive at your forehead already. As she continues you take this last opportunity to suck on her nipples. She giggles and sucks you in even deeper. The lips now block your eyesight and more of you enters her.
After she took your whole head and neck in her mouth, she arrives at your shoulders. Normally, this is the most difficult part but since you are pretty slim, your shoulders don´t cause much trouble neither.
With the most difficult part now out of the way, she continues to swallow you more and more while you stare down the dark tunnel that is her esophagus. When she gets to your chest, your face gets pushed througha a tight hole and you feel a small chamber opening up around you.
Slowly, your head beginns to fill up the complete room and then starts to expand it outwards. From outsid, it can be seen how her belly expands more and more. Meanwhile, your teacher arrives at your crotch. Your penis is erected and blocks further continuation.
"Now THIS is the hardst part!" Your teacher thinks amused. She grabs your cock and starts pumping it again. Surprised by the sudden feeling, you start moaning loudly.
She wanks your dick for a bit before you cum again, this time all over her chest. She giggles and licks a few drips of your cum from your cock. Then she continues to gulp ypu down. The rest of you follows quick: She lifts your legs upwards to let gravaty aid her getting you down. Your toes vanish inside her mouth and she swallows one last time.
You´re now compleatly in her belly. You stretch it out but it has no problems containing you. It is warm, wet and very soft.
"Ahh Cedric, you were delicious. And filling as well! She sighs and rubs her belly. "How do you feel in there?"
"Miss... I love it in here..." you answer.
She giggles. "Thats nice to hear. You´ve been so polite, letting me swallow you hole like that. You deserve a good treatment."
"T-Thank you, miss." you stutter.
"Don´t worry about it. Just let my stomach acids envelop you... Feel how my stomach walls surround you. Eager to slowly melt you down!" It actually feels amazing. Warm like a spa. You can feel her hand through her skin, slowly stroking her belly and you within. Gurgling sounds come from all sides.
Outside, your teacher starts rubbing her clit again. A soft moan escapes from her lips. This sound awakes you a bit from your trance and remind you about your situation. Your teacher, who previously had sex with you, is now masturbating, thinking about digesting you to nothing but fat on her ass and tits and waste. Its turning you on. So you too start to stroke your dick again. Both of you are engaged in this sadistic, masochistic play, literally connected. As you both are getting more energetic, you can feel the belly-activities increasing; The grugles are getting louder, the stomach walls are moving around quicker. You can also feel your teachers body shaking from her upcoming orgasm. This in return turns you on even more, and so you both are driving each other closer and closer.
"Yes! Yes! C-Cedric! Melt in me please! I want to absorb you. I want to reduce to to nothing."
"I-I want that too, miss." you moan.
"You want that, right? You want to be reduced to nothing but fat on my tits and shit, right? I tell you what, Cedric: When I´m done with you, there will be nothing left from you... *moan* ... my belly will be compleatly flat again and your remains are gonna be in the sewers! You know that, huh?"
"Y-yes I know!"
"You still want it, huh Cedric?"
"Yes! Yes... Turn me into nothing. I want it so bad!" you moan loudly, to turned on to think straight.
"Oh Yeah... I love this! Hmmm... Melt down, Cedric! Oh yesss!!" she screams.
You also yell out loud. You finally gave in. Thicc, white ropes of cum erupt from your cock, spraying aroung in her belly. She also cums. Her pussy squirts and she collapes, twitching. This also increases her stomach activities, giving you the rest. You are no longer solid, your form is squished together and melted into a sticky pulp that now flows into her deeper guts. Your teacher lays on her back as she feels how her belly takes you. "Hmmm... Cedric, flow into me." She mutters, still heavily breathing from the afterglow of her orgasm. Her belly is already shrinking rapidly.

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