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Mother Vore Story - Page 99 - Disposal - By Atinik - Overview
After a few minutes, the teacher wakes up from her little food coma. She stands up and looks down on herself. Her breasts have gotten a bit fuller. They also feel more heavy. She stomach is already almost flat again. She´s covered in sweat. She needs a shower. And take a shit. But she couldn´t do that here so she dresses quickly and takes her stuff, ready to leave. In the door frame, she looks back into the classroom, which she shared with a student just some moments ago. His schoolbag still besides the chair. She mused for a bit, what she should do about it, but the increasing pressure urges her to leave it alone. The cleaning force will take care of that!

About half an hour later, she arrives at her home. She throws her stuff on the couch and goes straight into the bathroom, taking her panties off, and sitting her nice round ass on the toilet to release your remains. It was thicc, smooth shit. She digested every bone and every hair, leaving nothing that could differentiate your remains from any other pice of shit. After nothing of you is left in her body, she wipes, stands up and takes one last look at you. "Cedric, that was really fun. I wish we could do it again! I don´t know what I´m gonna tell your mom but I think she´ll be fine about it." She pulls the lever. "Bye, Cedric. Have fun in the sewers."
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