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Vore Vs. - Page 1 - Vore Vs. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
NOTE: Please read over the rules for adding on this story's forum thread before doing so:

The greatest fighters from across the multiverse have been called together by a cosmic force known only as the Host, fated to be pitted against one another in a tournament for the ages. The victor will be given absolute power, the ability to reshape all of reality as they see fit.

There is, however, one unusual condition in effect. All of the combatants have been granted the ability to consume their opponents, digest them and absorb their strength. Thus, you will have no choice but to eat and absorb each fallen opponent to gain the strength you need to keep up in the next round.

Find victory against your opponents, and you will achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Fail, and you will become a pile of turds and padding on your opponent’s backside.

Live and Let Digest! FIGHT!

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