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Vore Vs. - Page 22 - Chun Li (Street Fighter) - By CuddleSlut - Overview
The light of the Host's immense power fills your body, pulling you through space and time at an unfathomable speed. When your travel ceases, you blink, finding yourself in strangely familiar surroundings. You've visited this martial arts studio more than once, trained here with your dear friend...

And there she is. Chun Li stands before you, dressed in her iconic blue qipao and tights. She recognizes you, and for a moment her expression softens, then becomes stern and serious.

You balk a moment as you realize what you must do to proceed. "Chun Li... I never imagined you'd be my first opponent. What the Host expects us to do... I can't say I've ever imagined consuming someone whole, especially you."

"Of all the fights we've had, this may be the strangest," Chun Li admits, "but if you respect me as a martial artist, then don't you dare hold back!"

Chun Li's demand cuts through your hesitation. Your expression becomes steely, and you take your fighting stance, your fists raises and ready to strike, your weight on the balls of your feet. "Right. Only strength and skill will decide which of us will advance. Prepare yourself!"

You snap a round-kick at Chun Li's ribs. She blocks the blow, and strikes back with a blindingly fast flurry of kicks. "Hyakuretsukyaku!" she cries.

You back-flip away, her foot streaking towards your face, missing you by inches. You leap into the air and twist your body, rocketing down towards her head in a diving kick. "Cannon Strike!"

Chun Li blocks your kicks, but the force seems to stagger her, and you press your advantage with a low kick and a straight punch, pressuring her as she frantically guards against each blow. She suddenly drops low and fires a kick at your shins, forcing you to halt your attack and guard. Chun Li draws back now, cautious, her posture tall and balanced. You know from experience it won't be easy to crack her defenses, and if your approach is careless, she'll make you pay dearly for it.
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