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Vore Vs. - Page 23 - Launch a twisting, sliding kick at her legs. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
You choose a direct, straight-forwards approach. "Spiral Arrow!" you shout, darting forwards feet-first, twisting like a vicious drill. Chun Li snaps low to catch the strike, and you realize now, off—balanced and awkwardly positioned, that this failed attack has left you wide open. Chun Li suddenly hand-stands and launches herself into series of whirling kicks, gliding forwards like a helicopter.

"Spinning Bird Kick!"

Chun Li's onslaught of kicks slams into you at full-force, battering you and leaving you dazed. You attempt to retaliate with a sweep kick, but Chun Li hops over the kick and stomps on your head repeatedly in mid-air. You swing a roundhouse kick at her, desperate to reverse the flow of battle, but in your desperation, your form becomes sloppy, and Chun Li blocks the strike and counters. Kicks slam into you at a blinding pace, too fast to even react to. A spinning back-kick to the chin launches you into the air, and Chun Li rises, her legs spread wide, slamming you with kicks as she whirls like a tornado.

"Hosenka!" the kung fu mistress cries.

You are thrown into the air like a rag-doll, battered, stunned and utterly helpless. Chun Li pauses upsides down in the air a moment, seemingly defying gravity, and pulls her tights over her knees, baring her large, pale ass. As you descend, you land head first in between her cheeks, slipping easily inside as it expands like a gaping mouth. Chun Li descends, your head firmly lodged in her ass, and lands in a handstand. The sudden stop and the force of gravity propels you sliding into her bowels up to your elbows. You cringe as her slimy intestinal passages press against your face, your hair and skin growing sticky, the rank scent of shit soaking into you, filling your lungs. You kick your legs and furiously reach for a handhold, but with your arms pinned to your sides by the grip of Chun Li's mighty buttocks, you have little hope of escape. Chun Li abruptly flips over and squats. Your feet hit the ground, but the resistance only drives you deeper into Chun Li's warm, dank bowels as she squats. The slick pucker swallows up your waist, hands and hips, only your legs protruding from her body now. Chun Li pants and blushes, nearly overwhelmed by the sheer stimulation of having your entire body writhing within her, her bare sex growing damp and hot. She reaches between her legs and begins fingering herself as the steady draw of her bowels sucks you inside. A flush of indignation reddens your face, as you realize you've gone from rival to butt-plug.

"S-sorry Cammy," she mutters to you as her ass gradually consumes you, "but you feel so good in there, I just can't resist!"

Chun Li reaches climax as the toes of your boots vanish inside her greedy asshole. Your entire body is trapped inside the hot, damp walls of Chun Li's flesh now, gradually squeezed and pushed along by her intestines into her belly. She draws her tights up and sits cross legged, cradling her stomach fondly like an expecting mother.

"It was an excellent match," she says. "Try not to struggle too much now, alright?"

The beating Chun Li gave you is setting in now, and you find yourself tempted to take her advice. You're sore and unbelievably tired now, and you find your struggles slowing. You're suffocating in the warm, soft embrace of Chun Li's belly, digestive juices soaking through your leotard and coating your skin.

"I suppose," you mutter, slurring slightly, "that if I had to be a snack for someone's bum, I'm glad it was yours."

Chun Li giggles and gives your head a pat through her stomach wall. "You can let go now, Cammy. It's alright. You'll be a part of me."

You pass out, a faint smile on your lips, your dozing body claimed by Chun Li's digestive tract. Her tummy jiggles and gurgles as you bubble away inside of her, slowly transformed from a toned, powerful woman to a rich meal. Not a speck of you goes undigested, not even your boots. Chun Li's breast, butt and thighs swell visibly as she absorbs you, all a little softer now from the weight she's gained from you. All that remains is for her to rid herself of what's left of you.

A small toot of gas squeaks out between Chun Li's cheeks. She blushes and rubs the back of her head, looking embarrassed. "Excuse me."

Your friend and rival makes her way to the studio's bathroom, pulls down her tights, and takes a seat on the spotless, white toilet bowl. She sighs happily, her expression serene, as she poops out what's left of your body. Nothing but a thick brown turd now, you coil into the bowl beneath Chun Li's huge ass. Her bowels empty, Chun Li wipes the last brown flecks of you from between her cheeks, stands up and pulls up her tights.

She stretches, then throws a couple of quick jabs at the air. "I feel great! Now that I've absorbed your strength, there's no way we can lose. Thanks, Cammy!"

She bows to the toilet bowl sincerely, flushes, and turns away to face her next opponent.
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