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Vore Vs. - Page 24 - Spring through the air and grapple her with your legs. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
You vault through the air and clamp Chun Li's head between your muscular thighs. The unorthodox attack takes Chun Li by surprise. You twist in the air, leveraging the full weight of your body against Chun Li and slam her head into the ground. She staggers to her feet, desperate to deny you the advantage, but you refuse to relent. You slam a boot into her shin, upsetting her balance, then launch yourself forwards like a human drill, barreling into Chun Li and knocking her to the ground once more.

"Spiral Arrow!"

Chun Li becomes flustered now, the cool focus of her brilliant defenses slipping. Frantic, she throws a sweep kick at you, but you nimbly leap over the blow, twist in the air, and land a dive kick to her stomach. "Cannon Strike!"

Chun Li staggers. You see your opening and take it, propelling your body forwards with intense force, spinning rapidly as your feet slam into Chun Li. "Spin Drive Smasher!" you cry. You shift your momentum upwards, but rather than kick Chun Li in the face, you pull the crotch of your leotard to the side and slam your bare ass into her face, lodging it deep between your cheeks. Laying belly-down on the ground, you bend your legs and press the soles of your feet against the back of Chun Li's' head, forcing her face deeper into your ass, your puckered back door expanding to accept its meal. You moan as you feel her head enter you, those two distinctive buns of hair pressing pleasantly against the inside of your colon. Chun Li struggles to resist, pressing against your ass-cheeks with her hands, but the pummeling you gave her has sapped most of her strength, the stinking grip of your butthole is suffocating her. The workout you've gotten during the fight has made the two of you sweaty and your skin slippery, a natural lubricant to ease Chun Li's passage inside you. Chun Li's hands slip, and the reflexive grip of your tight ass clenches around her, pulling her into you up to her shoulders.

You pant, your face heavily flushed with the arousal of anal stimulation. "Sorry, love... but this match is mine!"

You spread your legs, then quickly wrap them around Chun Li's arms, pinning them against her sides and preventing her struggles. The steady pull of your bowels draws Chun Li in up to her elbows. She kicks her legs in an effort to escape, but those once mighty thighs are growing tired and weak now. You squeeze her between your legs a little harder, restricting her breathing as your ass continues to devour her. Your belly swells now as you take her body in up to her waist. You take a moment to reach behind you and pop off Chun Li's iconic spiked bracelets.

You hold the bracelets in front of you, studying them for a moment. "I do like the accessories, but I can't imagine these would feel very good in my tush." Your pucker begins to engulf Chun Li's broad hips, and you give a lustful moan. "You, on the other hand, feel a little too good in there."

Your moans grow louder as those world class thighs begin to vanish into your pert, muscular ass. Chun Li's struggles have all but ceased now, the last of the fight squeezed and smothered out of her by your stinking bowels. As those luscious thighs slide inside you, you climax, squirting a generous shot of lady-cum on to the floor of the dojo. You pucker makes short work of the last of Chun Li's mighty legs, swallowing them up like two shapely slabs of meat. The toes of her cute little boots vanish between your cheeks. You pull your leotard back into place, sealing your meal in and give your ass a slap, grinning.

"Strongest woman in the world, eh?"

"You don't have to rub it in," Chun Li pouts from within your belly.

"Sorry. It was an excellent match, Chun Li. I'll be glad to add your strength to my own."

Chun Li's voice grows weaker as you stomach begins to squeeze her into submission. "You've gotten much stronger since we last fought. I hope you have the strength to win this."

"I promise not to let you down." You give your belly a satisfied rub. "It sounds strange to say, but you feel rather nice in there. I feel quite... satisfied."

"I suppose I'll take that as a compliment." Chun Li's breathing slows. "I'm feeling a bit woozy... and my skin's starting to tingle. You're digesting me now, aren't you?"

You give a slightly embarrassed grin, continuing to rub your tummy. "Yeah. Sorry about that. You're uh... probably not going to be quite as pretty on the way out."

"Ah... guess this is the end, then. Goodbye, Cammy."

"See you soon."

Chun Li slumbers within your belly as it sets to work turning your former friend and rival into your meal. Digestive juices soak through her qiupao and the thin fabric of her tights into her pale, smooth skin and her toned muscles as your stomach walls knead and squeeze her body. Gradually, those world-famous thighs begin to melt within you, the martial artist's once mighty form reduced to a thick, meaty stew bubbling within your belly. You give your belly a thorough rub, then poke a finger into your flesh experimentally. You can't find a solid trace of Chun Li left within you. Your beautiful rival has been utterly digested.

A little fart squeaks out through your leotard. Chun Li is sinking into your bowels now, slowing pushed and squeezed through your inner passages. The bulge in your stomach has gotten smaller now, and a little lower. Time passes, and you blow out another fart, a long, hot stream of gas that tickles your asshole. The stink of Chun Li's remains fills the room, and you fan your nose.

"Seems you're ready to come out, then."

You head for the dojo's bathroom and into the stall to give you and Chun Li a little privacy. You pull your leotard down over your body to the tops of your boots. Sitting naked on the toilet, you give a contented little sigh, and empty your bowel. A long, steady flow of soft poop squeezes out between your firm, toned ass-cheeks, filling the bowl. You give a little moan, savoring the sensation of passing your friend's smelly brown remains.

"Quite a lot of you in me, isn't there?" you marvel.

The pile of crap continues to rise, filling the bowl, and just as you pinch off the last bits of Chun Li, you feel her rising mass kiss your ass. You give a little gasp and blink in surprise.

"Are you getting fresh with me back there?" You crack a grin. "Don't think I'll excuse you taking liberties with me just because you're a pile of fudge now, Chun Li."

You stand up and wipe the last brown smears of Chun Li from your cheeks, then pull up your leotard and take a moment to admire your work.

"Well... you certainly came out well-formed. I'd daresay you're even pretty cute for a turd, but that might be personal bias. Don't think I'll be able to flush you, though."

As you step away from the bowl, you notice your body feels a bit different. You feel stronger now, and faster, but that's not all. Your lean body has gotten a little fuller and softer. A thin layer of belly-fat lays over your developed abs.

You give your belly a poke, a little annoyed. "You're not trying to make me portly out of spite for taking that match, are you?" You feel up your chest, appraising the size of your breasts. "Although, you also seem to have brought me up a cup size. Thanks for that, Chun Li."

Your first match completed, a tingling sensation and a glow of light washes over you as the Host takes you off to face your next opponent.
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