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The Accidental Adventurer: The Mansion - Page 1 - Waking Up - By KavenBach - Overview

          The sound you wake up to is the rumbling of heavy rain on the tiled roof over your head.  You open your eyes and smile slightly, ready to fall right back to sleep to the comforting sound.  However, you quickly hear heavy footsteps nearby, shuffling sounds, and grunts.  You wake fully and sit up quickly, clutching the covers to your body despite that you’re quite well dressed for a sleeper.

          Next to you, sitting on his haunches, is a muscular, hairy male ape.  Even if you didn’t already know what he was, the erect, glistening wet phallus sticking out of his furry sheath would make it painfully clear.

          You stare at him for a few seconds, and he stares back.  You look into those wet brown eyes and you can see, within, what he wants to do to you…

          “I’m up,” you manage.  “I’m up, Ralph.  Stop looking at me like that… I’m up.  Onyx wants to see me, right?”

          The ape stares at you for a few seconds, then slowly gives a nod.  He straightens into a four-legged gait on his long, muscular forearms, and makes it clear that he’s waiting for you to move.

          You swallow, and nervously turn to sit on the edge of the bed.  Your yellow pajamas leave little visible, but Ralph watches you hungrily; you have no doubt as to what he would like from you.  Onyx, your hostess, has never said it outright… but you strongly suspect that she keeps her pet ape precisely so that she can be the target of his male urges.  The thought frightens and disgusts you, but Onyx seems to think it utterly normal.

          True, you think as you stand up, and Ralph follows you out of the room, Onyx is no ordinary woman.  What is normal to her is most definitely not normal to you.

          Onyx is the black-haired woman that rescued you, one week ago now, after you had wandered, stark naked, through a horrifically deadly jungle for an entire day.  She rescued you, fed you, and has housed you since, trying to figure out who --- or, as she sometimes says it, what --- you are.  Onyx is a sorceress; she has strange magical powers that both fascinate and frighten you.  You, on the other hand, are a helpless woman, with no skills or powers… and no memories, either.  You appeared in midair over the jungle, and have no idea who you are or how you got there.  Onyx finds it amazing that you survived to reach her home, and frankly, so do you.

          You make your way into the main hall of the second floor, where you’ve been sleeping.  You hear noise in a nearby room, and Ralph seems intent on pushing you inside if you don’t go of your own will, so you walk in.  It is Onyx’s laboratory, you know… or one of them, at least.

          She is standing there, stirring a large cauldron full of a pink, bubbling mixture.  She’s wearing a strange, full-body suit, utterly transparent, seeming to be made of gooey slime; even her head and face is covered, leaving you to wonder how on earth she’s managing to breathe.  Of course, being a sorceress, stopping her need for air is apparently easy…

          The tall, voluptuous woman turns to you and smiles widely, her white teeth flashing oddly under the substance.  She steps away from the cauldron, and as though she had unzipped it the gelatinous suit opens up at her forehead and parts to free her face.  The rest of her is still encased, but she might as well be naked… Onyx, you’ve found, is utterly comfortable with her body… as though nothing could possibly hurt her unless she wants it to.  Like for example, from what you’ve guessed, Ralph…

          “Darling, good morning!  How did you sleep?”

          “Uh… well, considering.”  You look over your shoulder at Ralph, who quietly --- and with an irritated look --- leaves the room.  “A few bad dreams, like always… and waking up to find him staring at me doesn’t help.”

          “Oh, Ralph is a sweetheart,” Onyx says, smiling.  “He’s obedient when he has to be, and dominant when I want him to be.”  She pauses, leaving you an opportunity to comment on that, but you hold your tongue.  You doubt you want to hear details.  She smirks and continues, “don’t you worry, like I said… I told him he’s not allowed to have you unless you ask for it.”

          Again, you don’t speak.  You suspect “asking for it” might include refusing to obey Onyx’s occasional summons, as opposed to literally requesting the ape’s attentions.  Ick.

          “Come over here, darling,” Onyx says, gesturing with one hand as she steps up to a large glass case.  “This side of me, if you will.  I don’t want you to catch a few drops of that potion… it’s a soul-rending potion, to keep away spirits.  A couple drops shouldn’t do more than make you weak for a few days, but too much and, well… your soul would detach from your body or, worse, be torn to shreds.  Lots of critters would love to feast on what remains… and that’s one of the few things I can’t reverse.  I’d have to give your still-living body to Ralph to dispose of.”

          The words frighten and fascinate you.  The thought that a human soul could be ripped from a still-living body, or utterly destroyed and consumed… still, her words about feeding you to Ralph aren’t reassuring either, so you obediently step up beside her and look down into the glass case.

          Inside, dozens of small white mice are scurrying about.  Well, some are scurrying… the rest are simply mating madly.  Onyx has already explained how she’s cast spells on her entire mansion so that everything inside it --- except herself, which you aren’t sure is true, and now yourself --- is desperate to take every chance available to reproduce.  She needs the mice to procreate rapidly, because she needs the supply to always be there: these mice are a food source.

          “Horny little buggers, aren’t they?”  Onyx looks at you with a twinkle in her green eye.  “Grab a few, and feed those plants over there, would you?”

          Though she is your hostess and hasn’t harmed you, you always have a feeling, deep down, that she’s a bit of a sociopath, and would do all kinds of nasty --- or simply naughty --- things to you if you gave her a reason to.  It’s one reason why you’re thinking of telling her you have to leave… to figure out where you’re from, too.  Still, until you do leave, you feel it’s a safer idea to obey her “requests” such as this one…

          With a pair of tongs, you pick up one white mouse and head over to the spot she pointed.  Lining the wall, leading toward the window and right up to the chimney, is a row of plants; they are all small, compared to a human, but they are all carnivorous.  Onyx says she grew them from seeds, testing spells on them…

          You feed several plants, lowering mice to them one by one.  Some tear their squeaking mice apart, while others gobble them up still struggling frantically; others drain the blood out of their little rodent prey, and one paralyzes it with a tiny poisonous dart before feeding.  On her side, Onyx feeds a foot-long iguana in its glass cage, and a small horde of frogs in another; even an aquarium full of small, ravenous fish gets to tear apart a frantically-swimming mouse.  Onyx is unnecessarily cruel sometimes, you find… but there’s a part of you, though you hate to admit it, that kinda enjoys feeding the plants too.

          Most of the plants will eat flies, but there aren’t many buzzing around in her house.  Onyx has told you before that nothing inside her home that’s smaller than a cat can escape; spells keep them trapped inside.  Only the chimney, she says, is not shielded by such spells.

          “All right,” she says finally.  “All fed.  They shouldn’t be too hungry now.”  She rubs her hands together.  “Darling, come with me now, would you please?  I need your help with a little something.”

          She walks passed you without waiting for a reply.  As she is walking, you blink, and discover that her transparent slime-garment is gone; now she’s wearing a long, white robe, though for some reason you doubt she has anything on underneath.  Magic would be fun if only for the quick changes of clothes, you think…

          “Hey, darling, did I tell you about the bug-blocker spells?”  She asks as you both reach the main floor.  She heads toward the central hallway.  “They let things in, but they don’t let anything bigger than a house cat out of my home.”

          “Yeah, you told me,” you say, trying not to sound insulting.  She’s told you this many times… but you don’t want to make her angry.

          “Anything small that wanders around my home is likely to die a real quick death… well, quickly, if not a quick death,” she says, as though you hadn’t spoken.  “I’ve got so many living things in my home… all kinds of experiments and pets.”  She gestures at Ralph, sitting in a corner of the kitchen as you pass and head down the old stairs to the basement.  “So, I need lots of small creatures running around… a food base.  Hence the crazy-reproductive-urge spells.”  She looks over her shoulder at you.

          You enter the basement.  By the light of small, web-covered windows, she leads you through the main room and a short corridor framed by damp, moss-covered stones.  She pulls open an old wooden door and leads you into another room full of junk and shelves holding all kinds of dusty old bottles.  An old desk is against one wall, covered in bottles, dead-looking potted plants, and parchments with scribbled notes.  A pail sits next to the desk, full of dirty-looking water, apparently supposed to be used to water those plants once upon a time.

          “I’m looking for an old potion I made years ago… a kind of super-fertilizer for my plants.  Some haven’t been looking too healthy, poor things… anyway.  Look for a small symbol on the label… it looks like a rose, I think.  Or is it a cob of corn?  Eh, something nature-ish.  All right?  You take this side.”

          You nod and obey, though you wonder why she can’t use her powers to locate this potion she wants.  For that matter, you don’t remember the plants looking unhealthy… but who are you to question a sorceress?

          You shake your hand, sweeping away a web you caught your fingers in, and you send the spider that made it scurrying.  This place really is full of little critters, you think, wrinkling your nose in disgust.

          There comes a crash behind you.  “Aw, damn,” Onyx mutters.  You turn around, and see that she has apparently dropped a bottle at her feet, and broken it.  For a moment you look down at it, taking in the sight of the label: a tiny stick figure in the center of a white space.  Then, though no liquid pours out, a cloud of purple smoke just about explodes through the room, engulfing both you and Onyx.

          You feel dizzy immediately, even though you try to hold your breath.  You hear Onyx whisper, “oh, my,” and then there is only silence, except for the pounding of your blood in your ears.  Suddenly you lose your balance and fall to the dirt floor, and something lands heavily on top of you, like a thick blanket.

          Your sight clears, and you find yourself stretched out on damp, packed earth.  You try to stand up, but only manage to get to your hands and knees because of the weight of the yellowish blanket-thing on top of you; in the gloom, you look down at yourself and realize that you’re naked.  With an angry and frightened feeling of déjà vu, you struggle to get out of this tent-like thing…

          When you reach the end of it, you stop and stare around you.  The room has become gigantic… or rather, you realize in shock, it’s you that has become tiny.  The canvas you just struggled free of… are your pajamas, which you shrank right out of!

          Nearby, Onyx appears, as nude as you, after struggling out of the loose white robe she was wearing.  She straightens, looks around, and scratches her head.  You run toward her fearfully; she, however, looks cheerful as she greets you.  “Hey, there!  Sorry about that, looks like I smashed a shrinking potion.  Must’ve been pretty old… it takes like a century for them to turn into gaseous form like that.  Ah, well…”

          “Turn us back!”  You say fearfully, gripping her shoulder and shaking her.  “We’re tiny!  You said it yourself, anything small is going to get eaten!  Turn us back!”

          “Hmm?  Oh, don’t you worry, darling, you’re with me.  None of those small critters I was talking about has magic, you see.  As for changing us back, though… hmm…” she gestures with her hands, frowns, and after a few seconds gestures again.  “Hmm… thought so.  Too potent a potion after a century.  Takes more than just a spell…” she looks up at the shelves towering over you both, even as you’re staring at her in horror.  “Let’s see.  There might be a growth potion up on that shelf right there; it would fix us lickety-split.  Or… did I use it?  Might’ve… bah, we should check first, but if not, we’ll just go back to my lab, I’ve got some reverse-all potions there.  Hang on.”

          You yelp and flail as you feel your feet leave the ground.  You quickly realize that Onyx is levitating both of you with her powers, and you try to stay calm; you manage to, more or less, until she sets you both down lightly on that dusty desk.  “Oof,” she says, taking a breath, “it’s a bit tougher at this size.  Hang on here a sec, I’ll go check for the potion…”

          “Make it quick,” you say fearfully as she levitates herself away from you and floats toward the shelves.  You look around worriedly, spotting normally-harmless things all around you that now seem menacing: that dry-looking potted plant, a spider in its web in the window across the room, a fly buzzing nearby that’s larger than your head…

          “Hmm… it was there,” Onyx calls, pointing at an open spot on the edge of the shelf she has landed on.  “I remember; I used it.  We’ll have to go back to my lab after all.  Oh well.”  She starts walking toward you, evidently planning on jumping down and hovering back to your location; she does just that.  However, as you watch, her fall begins to slow down, and she starts, indeed, to hover… only to suddenly drop like a rock.  “Wh-what the… heyyy!!!”

          She falls passed the desk with a scream.  Horrified, you run over, screaming for her, and look over the edge.

          Onyx, you see, hasn’t fallen far.  You start to breathe a sigh of relief as you think she caught herself and is levitating again… but the sigh freezes in your throat as you realize the truth.  She is lying on her stomach… she’s landed in a spider web stretched between a shelf and the desk!  “Onyx!”

          “I’m fine, this thing… ugh… broke my fall,” she calls up to you, though she is wriggling her bare body in the web and seems stuck fast.  “My powers… seem a bit weak at this size… can’t quite seem to… ugh… use them… yuck, this is gross…!”

          You see it come into sight from behind a few old potion bottles, and you scream.  The spider is brown-black and covered in fine hairs.  Though shaped a bit like a tarantula, it is really only a common house spider… not all that venomous.  However, at two inches tall like both Onyx and yourself are, that arachnid is half your size.  “Onyx!  Look out!”  You scream.

          “What?”  She manages to turn her head enough to look sideways at you.  She seems unworried, but at your panicked gesturing she turns the other way to look where you’re pointing, even as the spider is skittering down onto the web toward her.  You see her bare form stiffen in surprise --- her bare butt clenching in a disturbingly erotic way at her reaction --- and her eyes and mouth open wide.  “Oh, shit…!” she manages, and starts squirming, but the web holds her securely.  The spider clambers right onto her body with frightful speed, even as you see her hands moving frantically in attempts, apparently futile, to cast spells.  “Oh, shit!  Oh shit, oh shit, oh sh… g’haaah…!

          The spider bites down into the back of her neck, and you can only scream in horror.  You fall to your knees, screaming and staring, and Onyx keeps struggling in a frantic, but weakening fashion beneath the creature.  Her screams of pain and horror also weaken and turn into helpless, high-pitched keening, before she falls silent completely; her body stops struggling, and is reduced to a few twitches now and again.

          Your instincts tell you that you have to do something… have to save her… or have to run, maybe.  Instead, you stay rooted to the spot, unable to look away, as the spider begins spinning the beautiful sorceress in place, wrapping her up in sticky, silken strands.  At first, every time she makes a revolution, her head flops limply, but her terrified green eyes meet yours; however, after a few spins, her face is concealed and only an occasional weak sound or twitch belies the fact that she isn’t quite dead yet…

          Finally, within mere minutes after she fell, Onyx has been reduced to a nicely wrapped and vaguely woman-shaped cocoon.  The spider grips her and starts pulling her up and out of its web, toward those potion bottles, to feed on her at its leisure… only to stop just as it reaches the shelf.  It walks over her, and reaches the center of its web, and rears back on six legs as though looking upward.

          Your horror of Onyx’s fate slides back somewhat, replaced instead by horror for your own, as you realize the spider is doing just that… looking up at you with eight beady black eyes.  You finally push to your feet, staring back… and the spider, seeing your movement confirm you are another ready meal, moves to the side of the desk and begins clambering up toward you!

          You stagger backward away from the edge of the desk, terrified, unsure of what to do.  What can a two-inch-tall naked woman do against a spider half her size?!  You realize, dimly, that you don’t have much of a choice… you can either run like hell, or try to somehow fight the thing, to rescue Onyx.  After all, Onyx is the sorceress… the only one that might be able to reverse this shrinking curse…or get you safely to her laboratory to find the reverse-all potions…

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