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A Naga Encounter - Page 1 - A Naga Encounter - By 50000bees - Overview
You are about to encounter Ulysses, a male naga with an appetite for pretty much anything he can fit in his mouth. He lives in the woods and eats travelers that pass by, swallowing them whole.

The human part of Ulysses' body has light brown skin, black hair, and bright green eyes. His snake part is very long and thick, covered in black scales with a white underbelly. He has two stomachs. The first is located in his human half, where a human's stomach would normally be. This stomach can stretch out to hold large prey, but cannot digest anything. His second stomach is further down his body, slightly after the place where he transitions from human to snake. It is more cramped, and this is where digestion takes place. He is also able to hypnotize his prey by looking them in the eyes, but this hypnosis can be resisted if his prey is strong-willed.


You are walking in the woods, along a narrow path. You are far from any nearby towns, and the branches of the trees form a thick canopy overhead. Birds are singing in the branches, and occasionally the thick undergrowth rustles with the movements of animals.

Suddenly, you hear a new sound. "Hello? Is anyone there?" The voice came from off of the path, in the thick undergrowth. It was soft and masculine, seeming to float through the air toward you.

What will you do now?
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