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Life As A Product - Page 1 - Life As A Product - By RealZikik - Overview
A set of twins named Zoey and Zack live in this world where whenever someone reaches the age of eighteen, they can choose to offer their body as food for others if their parents don't decide for them. Many are willing to go, but not everyone is the same way. Zack and Zoey weren't sure what to do when they finished high school, but both of their parents had plans for them. While hesitant, the two of them did actually accept. The two twins are about the same height and both have green eyes. Zack had short neck-length dirty-blonde hair and Zoey and had longer light brown hair that went just past her shoulders. Zoey also had decently sized boobs.

Rules For Editing
- Oral vore only
- Hard vore is currently not allowed
- Focus on vore; sexual teasing is allowed though

Which twin are you going to be?
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